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How Intimate is Your Relationship?

[adinserter block="10"]We hear the term intimacy used in many contexts regarding relationships and depending on the individual, it can have a drastically different meaning. It’s through these differences in meaning and expectation a relationship can face problems. How intimate is your relationship? In the broadest of terms, intimacy is about being emotionally connected with your

8 Orgasm Secrets You Want to Know

If asked what screams satisfaction during sex, most people will answer “orgasms.” While it is true both men and women do not have to experience orgasms to be sexually satisfied, finding new ways to experience orgasms is still well worth it. Alura Lux was developed specifically to increase a woman’s ability to reach and

What Does Having Sex Mean to You?

Since 2001 Alura Lux has been working with couples to improve their sexual satisfaction. In this time there have been many couples sharing with us many reasons why their sex lives have been unfulfilling. At the core of this is the meaning of what sex means to each person in the relationship. As we

5 Secrets to Increasing Sexual Compatibility

If the number of books and magazines is any indication, our desire for great sex and loving relationships is extremely important to us. As it should be because our relationships are a major part of our lives. Everything that we do is a product of a relationship in some way. While not every relationship

Most Embarrassing Sex Questions Answered

As with most things in life, there are beliefs about how things should be. For instance the path our lives should take as we grow up; go to school, get married have kids, etc. Included in all of these different beliefs we have, is our belief about what sex should be. There are of

8 Wonderful Health Benefits of Sex

It is no secret having a healthy sex life is beneficial to you and your partner. Your relationship from an emotional and physical standpoint is alive and healthy, you feel better and you find yourself getting through your day with extra ease. How many people have actually taken the time to stop and ask

5 Steps to Better Intimacy in Your Relationship

As we are all well aware, every relationship goes through phases as it matures. For some couples, while they still do love each other they somehow find their relationship in an undesirable place. Their relationship lacks intimacy and any physical connection. Their sex life has completely dried up. Many reasons can cause this lack


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