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4 Kinky Foreplay Games to Spice-up Your Sex Life

There is never a better time than right now to inject life and passion into your sex life. Whether your intimate moments with the one you love have become a little stale and routine, or you are in a budding new relationship, having fun with your sex life increases the pleasures of everything else. To help with this we

4 Kinky Foreplay Games to Spice-up Your Sex Life2024-05-18T20:32:52-04:00

The Best Foreplay Tips for Orgasms

With all the information that is written about the importance of foreplay for sex, it’s still very confusing why many men can’t be bothered with it. We get it; there are times when our schedules don’t allow for lengthy foreplay sessions, or maybe a quickie is what we both want, but the reality is women need foreplay. While we

The Best Foreplay Tips for Orgasms2024-05-11T11:56:16-04:00

5 Outstanding Natural Aphrodisiacs for Women

Could your relationship benefit from some natural aphrodisiacs? In an intimate relationship, having a healthy sex life helps further develop and nurture the love and intimacy between a couple. While we can be romantic, loving, caring and know how to turn each other on, there are still times when we desire to increase our libido to further enjoy sex.

5 Outstanding Natural Aphrodisiacs for Women2024-05-11T11:58:13-04:00

Surprising Turn-Ons for Women

Ready for Some Surprising Turn-Ons? Does the length of your relationship determine the number of surprising turn-ons for your partner? Whether you are single or happily married, just started into a new relationship or just had your 25th wedding anniversary, knowing what turns your partner on is, and can be a difficult problem to solve. The difficulty stems from

Surprising Turn-Ons for Women2024-05-11T11:59:19-04:00

10 Orgasm Myths and Helpful Facts for Better, Intense Sex

As time has progressed, we learn more about our bodies, our health, and what makes us feel great. When it comes to things making us feel great there is no more powerful event than experiencing an orgasm, and with it, there have been many orgasm myths created. With our growing knowledge of sex and orgasms, we know there

10 Orgasm Myths and Helpful Facts for Better, Intense Sex2024-05-11T12:16:30-04:00

11 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Healthy

How to Keep Your Vagina Healthy Do you think you know everything you need to about keeping your lady parts healthy? Confident that your habits keep them in tip-top shape? There are thousands of myths about what women should do to keep their vaginas healthy; from douching to the importance of annual exams. We want to eliminate the

11 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Healthy2024-03-09T06:31:54-05:00

Rekindle Your Sex Life | Spice Up Your Relationship

Hectic schedules, stressful lives and the routine of getting through your day can lead to life seeming robotic and mundane, let alone have an active sex life. All too often these feelings transfer in our relationships. For those in long term relationships, these day-to-day routines make the lustful days of when you first fell in love with a distant

Rekindle Your Sex Life | Spice Up Your Relationship2024-05-13T19:54:50-04:00

11 Ways to Have Better Orgasms

Maybe you’re one of the few lucky women who has never faked an orgasm in her life, but many of us have either faked a handful (and given quite a performance) or don’t fake it but aren’t sure we’ll ever have a real one. Or we have them, but they feel like near misses, and every time we’re building

11 Ways to Have Better Orgasms2024-05-13T20:08:57-04:00
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