The Best Foreplay Tips for Orgasms

Best Foreplay Tips for Orgasms

With all the information that is written about the importance of foreplay for sex, it’s still very confusing why many men can’t be bothered with it. We get it; there are times when our schedules don’t allow for lengthy foreplay sessions, or maybe a quickie is what we both want, but the reality is women need foreplay. While we love penetration, we need foreplay too.

Top 5 Best Foreplay Tips

The fact is most women will not reach orgasm with penetration alone. For some women, foreplay is actually more important than penetration. Obviously, we are not suggesting you stop having sex and just have foreplay, but to ensure both parties are completely satisfied, we have put together some of the top 5 best foreplay tips for orgasms we have. Take the time to understand what she wants and you’ll be amazed at the increase in the satisfaction you feel as well.

Talk Dirty

We do it every day and all day long, and at the top of our Best Foreplay Tips list is talking. Talking is always important in a relationship as it allows you to share your feelings. When it comes to foreplay talking should and can get dirty. Many women love dirty talk because deep down we are all extreme fantasists. The amount of dirty talk will depend on your confidence in what to say to her and the level of dirty talk.

The dirty talk can actually start prior to even being in the same room with her. You can start foreplay and the anticipation of what is to follow throughout the day with text messages. We are not suggesting sexting but simple texts which are leading and sensual.

Then once you are in person you can explain to her exactly what you are going to do to her in a very sexual way, elaborating on all the juicy details. Slow your voice down and whisper in her ear, taking her from start to finish without even touching her.



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Kissing by far is on the tops of our list for turn-ons and most men don’t realize how much of an erotic pleasure it is for us. A passionate kiss and long make-out sessions are more than just a prelude to sex but are something we enjoy before during and after sex. Additionally, women can gauge how good a guy is in bed by how well they kiss. For example, if you’re going to thrust your tongue in her mouth and just let it lie there like a dead fish, she’s pretty sure that you’re not going to be too great at going down on her either.

We are not putting additional pressure on your kissing skills, but just remember the importance of it as one of the best foreplay tips. Passionate kissing doesn’t mean licking her face or trying to suck her tonsils out, but there are techniques you can use which will increase the arousal, heighten her sensations and have her demanding you do more.

Watching Porn Together

Many girls love to play the prude and never admit that they watch porn, but the truth is, we love it. While some women may pretend that watching porn before sex is odd, again deep down we are fantasists, and although porn is a fantasy world, it can be an exciting and efficient way for both of you to get aroused.

While you’re both watching you can lean over and start kissing her to get things started. From there you can even attempt to recreate some of the scenes with her to again bring out her fantasies and introduce something new to your sexual routine. One word of caution and that keeps it simple as you don’t want to spoil the mood with something too far outside her comfort zone or worse yet, causes any injuries.



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Use Your Fingers

Your hands and fingers play a vital role in foreplay. While kissing, the placement of your hands will change the sensation of everything you’re doing. For instance when you are kissing her, holding the back of her head while kissing changes the intensity of the kiss. Slowly and gently caressing her body with your fingers stimulates different nerves which heighten arousal.

When the moment is right and you start to stimulate her clitoris and vagina with your fingers, you can now introduce some penetration into the mix. Heighten the arousal of stimulating her clitoris and vulva with Alura Lux. Simply place some Alura Lux on your fingertip then gently massage in. The effects are felt immediately and if she wasn’t close to climax before, she will be with Alura Lux.

Oral Stimulation

Last and definitely not least on our Top 5 List of Best Foreplay tips is the second use of your mouth, and that is oral stimulation. If your fingers haven’t put her over the edge then your tongue will. Just understand guys that when you go down on us, focusing just on the clitoris can actually be painful. It’s better to rub our clitoral hood or rub along the sides of it than to go directly for the head.

The clitoris reacts best when being teased, so you will want to suck and lick it a little bit to build up her tension, and then back off it a bit before going back a few moments later. If you used Alura Lux, it helps here too as it continues to heighten the sensations. No need to worry about taste as Alura Lux water-based and is odourless and tasteless.

The importance and key objective of foreplay are to build anticipation. Out of all of the foreplay tips, this next one may be the most significant: Keep things moving steadily but not too quickly. Pay attention to her body language. Her breathing, moaning, and movements will signify what she likes and of course, when she’s ready she will tell you.