Most Embarrassing Sex Questions Answered

Most Embarrassing Sex Questions Answered

As with most things in life, there are beliefs about how things should be. For instance the path our lives should take as we grow up; go to school, get married have kids, etc. Included in all of these different beliefs we have, is our belief about what sex should be.

There are of course many books, magazines and lists sharing with us how sex should be, how you can improve your sex life, but what about the questions they don’t answer? The questions which may contradict your current beliefs about sex? Who do you ask these questions to? In addition, what if the questions you want to ask you feel are too embarrassing to ask? How will you ever get the answers you seek?

It’s understandable to be shy or even embarrassed about asking some of these questions to even your doctor; let’s face it, we are talking about our most intimate parts of our bodies. No one wants to be told there is something wrong with them or worse, be chuckled at because of a question we ask. The result is your question does not get answered and you continue to have potential disconnects between your sexual satisfaction and the truth.

To alleviate the pressure and the uncomfortable feeling these questions are creating, our friends at have put together the 14 Most Embarrassing Sex Questions Answered. Based on research from their readers the list covers many topics and areas of questions many women have about sex and their bodies. The answers have been provided by sexologists, gynecologists and other medical professionals to provide you with the facts.

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As you will see the questions are varied but all relate to intimate topics. Topics such as is it normal to pass gas during sex, is cybersex cheating, will my vagina be larger after childbirth to two of the most common questions, where is my G-spot and why can’t I have an orgasm?

Taking time to get your questions answered in this manner eliminates any pressures you may feel and start providing clarity to issues you may have had for some time. These answers can then be a stepping stone for a discussion you have with your partner or your doctor.

Remember no question asked is ever a bad question. The only bad question is one that is never asked.

As always we appreciate your comments and emails. Do you have an embarrassing sex question you want to be answered? Send it to us and we will have one of our experts answer the question as quickly as possible. Also, don’t forget to share this information with your friends as they too may have some questions they answered but at too embarrassed to ask.