How Intimate is Your Relationship?

How Intimate Is Your Relationship? Complete this Short Quiz
[adinserter block=”10″]We hear the term intimacy used in many contexts regarding relationships and depending on the individual, it can have a drastically different meaning. It’s through these differences in meaning and expectation a relationship can face problems. How intimate is your relationship?

In the broadest of terms, intimacy is about being emotionally connected with your partner. Feeling a sense of closeness and being comfortable with letting your guard down. Being able to be open and honest about your feelings about your relationship with your partner. Through sharing these raw emotions and bonding over your feelings is where true intimacy starts.

Conversely, when your partner feels the same way, they too will share their emotions and feelings. Now being on the receiving end of the conversation you must be open to allowing your partner to share how they feel, and you must be able to accept them. Through this freedom of exchanging emotions both you and your partner eliminate any defences and become connected emotionally.

Once this connection has been established you can share your “inner-world” with each other. Having this ability fosters the relationship and continues the growth past the initial lust of when the relationship first began.

How Intimate is Your Relationship?

Having the ability to share intimate moments with your partner without words brings the relationship to whole new levels. Feeling each other’s emotions and understanding is the gift of love. This will include sharing the entire range of emotions you will face in life, the good times and the bad. Having your partner with you, and having an intimate connection allows you to enjoy the good times better and solider through the bad.

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So how does sex fit into being intimate? From this question comes the divide in couples as to what intimacy means. As we have already shared true intimacy is much more than a physical sexual connection. Having an emotionally intimate connection before a relationship becomes physical, results in more satisfying sexual experiences.

With these facts in mind, how intimate is your relationship? While you may have an idea about what you think it may be, put your relationship up to a short quiz. Through answering simple questions about you, your partner and how you act together, you will be able to see just how intimate you are.

The goal, of course, is to share with you how your relationship is, eliminate any false perceptions you may have and improve on the desired areas to make your relationship better than it already is.

Ready for the intimacy quiz? Take your How Intimate is Your Relationship here.

Enjoy the quiz and more importantly enjoy your improved intimate relationship. We know every relationship takes work but when you love and are truly intimate with your partner, it never feels like work.

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