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11 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Healthy

How to Keep Your Vagina Healthy Do you think you know everything you need to about keeping your lady parts healthy? Confident that your habits keep them in tip-top shape? There are thousands of myths about what women should do to keep their vaginas healthy; from douching to the importance of annual exams. We want to eliminate the

11 Ways to Keep Your Vagina Healthy2024-03-09T06:31:54-05:00

Foreplay Guide: 10 Tips for Super Hot Foreplay

Why would any couple need a foreplay guide? We as humans are creatures of habit. When formed properly, habits allow us to complete tasks with relative ease, yielding the results we want. In some cases our habits take us down a path we are familiar with, yet we don’t get the desired results. For couples, this is a frequent

Foreplay Guide: 10 Tips for Super Hot Foreplay2023-03-26T08:17:01-04:00

6 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Vagina

Simple Healthy Vagina Tips While this has been a topic we have written about before, we don’t need to remind you just how delicate your vagina can be. Like most parts of your body, your vagina requires care and maintenance to keep a healthy vagina, but treating is like you do the rest of your body can cause

6 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Vagina2024-03-09T06:52:36-05:00

How Much Do You Know About Orgasms?

For the amount of time most people think about this topic, you would think the knowledge they have would be extensive. However, when it comes to sex, most people’s information is flawed. Whether through how they were raised to think about sex or through the information they have seen through their lives, their beliefs and the truth do not

How Much Do You Know About Orgasms?2020-11-29T08:21:36-05:00

A Guide to Clitoral Stimulation

Of all our body parts, this one body part is surrounded by more mystery and praise than any other. This part of our body has one purpose and one purpose only; sexual satisfaction. The body part? The clitoris. For most women, the path to an orgasm goes through their clitoris and for this reason clitoral stimulation is important. The

A Guide to Clitoral Stimulation2020-12-02T21:22:01-05:00

What is Your Sex IQ?

[adinserter block="10"]It’s Friday which means another work week is behind us and the weekend is finally here. Time to kick back, relax have fun and enjoy our personal time. Whether we are in a committed relationship or we’re single most likely there will one thing that will cross our minds as least once or twice this weekend, and that’s sex.

What is Your Sex IQ?2021-11-26T16:23:22-05:00
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