What is Your Sex IQ?

What is your Sex IQ

[adinserter block=”10″]It’s Friday which means another work week is behind us and the weekend is finally here. Time to kick back, relax have fun and enjoy our personal time. Whether we are in a committed relationship or we’re single most likely there will one thing that will cross our minds as least once or twice this weekend, and that’s sex.

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Not to say that we only think about sex on the weekend, but our hectic schedules can leave little time to actually act on our desires so the weekend is the perfect time to sleep in, rest-up and get it on.

When it comes to sex how much do you know? We’re sure that you understand the principles and physical aspects of sex, but what about the grey areas? The myths, the hang-ups the stereotypes we have heard repeatedly over the years, so frequently in fact we now actually believe they are true.

To break stereotypes and myths one must learn the facts to replace the information we have been taught. Then once you know the facts you can start living with the new beliefs and thus new sensations. For instance, some men have hang-ups about the size of their penis. This is due to folklore and pornography making men think what is required to be a great lover. But do you really know what the average size of an erect penis is?

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For women, how about the always talked about orgasm? Again sensationalized in porn and not clearly understood by both men and women, thinking they are same for both sexes. Clearly as men and women are anatomically different so is arousal and climax. Do you know the average number of women who have sex and experience an orgasm? How about multiple orgasms, does this happen or is it again something made up and happening only in cheesy movies?

Test your Sex IQ with this simple test. No marks are given, you can’t fail and we are confident that you will learn some new things. New things that will help you to enjoy sex more and be a better partner along the way.

So with a great weekend ahead, take a few moments now to Test Your Sex IQ.

As always we appreciate all your comments and emails, and don’t forget to share this little test with your friends. Comparing answers is your choice.

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