Better Sex Starts with a Touch

Better Sex Now with Alura Lux

Better Sex Starts with a Touch

How important is having better sex to you and your relationship?

If you are really feeling unsatisfied with your sex life, do not stress over it; you are not the only one. In current research of more than 3000 couples who are intimate, it was discovered that 6 out 10 pairs who remained in long-lasting relationships rank their sex life much less than standard.

Some in fact specified it as horrible. Can you imagine the person with who you share your most intimate details and desires, actually causes a horrible situation in your relationship? We are not ones to focus on the negative and we want to help as many couples as we can get back to better sex.

We know you want better sex, but before getting into it, pun intended, we need to define your definition of sexual satisfaction. We also will need you to think about the type of relationship you are in. Without this, we won’t be able to understand if it’s getting better or worse.

If you are single and are having one-night stands with different partners, your lack of satisfaction may be the absence of a psychological link with your partner. This psychological link makes sex greater than simply exercise or physical activity. It’s an expression of your love as well as the need to raise the bond with you and your partner.

So what about those who are in long-term committed relationships? You have the psychological connection, yet sex is mediocre at best. For these couples, our comfort level with each other, our familiarity with each other, and our routines, while comforting, can put a major strain on our sex life and sexual satisfaction.

Knowing that, how can a simple touch help us to have better sex? The solution to that question can be found in the form of Alura Lux.

How Does Alura Lux Help with Better Sex?

It does not take a sex specialist to recognize women and men are very different when it comes to sex, let alone better sex. Women and men react differently to arousal techniques as well as the speed of arousal.

For some men, simply the mention of sex is all they need to be aroused and ready for sex. Being horny and having an erection is all that’s physically required for a man to have sex. It’s quite the opposite for women.

While some ladies can be aroused that quickly, most need more than a simple “Let’s have sex comment.” The anatomy of a woman is more complex than men when it comes to sex. If they are not aroused properly, not only will sex not be satisfying it can physically hurt.

Alura Lux was created specifically for women to help with arousal, stimulation, and ultimately sexual satisfaction. Alura Lux is a topical gel applied directly onto a woman’s clitoris. that is put on a lady’s clitoris before making love. Alura Lux works almost immediately after application. The clitoris becomes engorged and extra sensitive. This also brings increased vaginal lubrication and sensitivity, all ultra-important to help a woman along from arousal to orgasm.

For couples who have never used Alura Lux, they ask, “Does it work?” Couples who have used Alura Lux never have sex without it. What does that tell you?

Alura Lux is odorless, colorless, and safe for use with condoms. It travels well and be shipped directly to your house as it’s not available in stores.

As always, we value your comments and want to hear from you. Don’t forget to share your experiences with Alura Lux (G-rated only please) and with your friends. Alura Lux has been the #1 intimacy gel since 2001 for a reason. It’s time for you to have better sex starting today with Alura Lux.