How Much Do You Know About Orgasms?

How Much do You Know About Orgasms Quiz

For the amount of time most people think about this topic, you would think the knowledge they have would be extensive. However, when it comes to sex, most people’s information is flawed. Whether through how they were raised to think about sex or through the information they have seen through their lives, their beliefs and the truth do not always match.

Going one step further when talking about sex, many people, both men and women are lost when it comes to orgasms. Yes they know what they are and they know experiencing orgasms feels great, but that is where their knowledge ends. Maybe you’re not that person. Maybe you know a great deal about orgasms and are willing to put your knowledge to the test with a little quiz.

It’s always fun testing our knowledge about sex because in the end we most likely learn something new which of course allows us to enjoy sex more. They say knowledge is power, well in this case knowledge is a pleasure. So what could a quiz teach us you ask?

For starters the way women and men experience orgasms is different. That is not a shocker but you may be surprised at the types and number of differences that exist. Knowing these facts allows both you and your partner to better understand what is required for each other to climax during sex.

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In addition to the physical pieces of information regarding orgasms, there are some additional pieces of trivia you can learn as well. Things such as:

  • What was the first medical term given to orgasms?
  • How long does the average orgasm last?
  • How many orgasmic contractions do you have during an orgasm?
  • When was the first vibrator sold and how was it powered?

Have some fun with this quiz, learn some new things about orgasms and have fun using this new knowledge this weekend. Take your orgasm quiz here.

As always we appreciate all your comments and emails and don’t forget to share the knowledge about orgasms with your friends.

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