Foreplay Guide: 10 Tips for Super Hot Foreplay

Foreplay Guide: 10 Tips for Red Hot Foreplay and Great Sex

Why would any couple need a foreplay guide?

We as humans are creatures of habit. When formed properly, habits allow us to complete tasks with relative ease, yielding the results we want. In some cases our habits take us down a path we are familiar with, yet we don’t get the desired results. For couples, this is a frequent occurrence when it comes to their sex routine.

Being in a long-term relationship is great in so many ways, but what can happen, and it happens to all of us, is we can form habits when it comes to how we have sex. This then leads to boring, predictable sex which leaves us wanting more.

One sure-fire way of increasing the intimacy of your routine is to ensure you and your partner have a sufficient foreplay repertoire to keep it fresh and intense. Using foreplay not only gets you heated up before the deed, but it also increases the emotional bond you have with your partner. Also, the act of foreplay does not have to be restricted to just immediately before you have sex, it can be a whole day process that leaves you and your partner ready to rip each other’s clothes off the moment you meet at the end of your day.

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Understanding the importance of foreplay to your relationship and your sexual satisfaction, it’s time to hear what the experts have to say regarding techniques and tips. While not every technique may be something you and your partner would like to attempt, having some ideas will allow you to pick and choose and find what does work for you. The act of experimenting in itself can be a turn-on, as you will experience new sensations and new connections with your partner.

Dr. Pam Spurr author of Sex Academy says, “For no holds barred pleasure the best foreplay teases your partner increasing their desire meaning they’re far more likely to climax.”

Foreplay is all about anticipation. There are a time and a place for a tease and when you’re warming up before getting down, there’s no better time to use this to your advantage. Read the 10 Tips for Red Hot Foreplay and remember to always have your Alura Lux ready to increase the sensitivity and enjoyment of both foreplay and sex.

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