20 Amazing Sex Secrets Revealed

20 Amazing Sex Secrets

We have all heard this line before, haven’t we? Another expert, another list of amazing tips to take your sex life to the next level. So why do we continue to read these lists, buy these books and look for ways to improve our sex life?

For starters it is one of our most fundamental desires; to procreate and keep the human race growing and evolving. That aside, let’s face it, it’s because we enjoy it; actually, we love it. For some, sex is all they think about, morning noon and night. For others the topic is taboo and while they enjoy being intimate with their partner, they have a strong belief it is not a topic to be discussed.

The topic of sex is one that continually gains our attention. Walk into any book store, or browse through any online book store and you will find hundreds if not thousands of different titles pertaining to sex. Every topic covered from how to add more romance into your life, to how to have more orgasms, to the complete other end of the spectrum, the kinky and naughty side of sex.

It’s all there and ready for you to pick up and buy, the supply is there as is the demand, but who has the time to go through all the books to find what tips or techniques are right for them? Is there a way to read a summary of the books to guide you in the direction of what is best for you?

That is exactly what we are sharing with you today. A much simpler way to uncover what you need to do under the sheets for great sex life and amazing relationships. Taking the collective knowledge of the “sexperts” and putting it all in one place for you to read, gain knowledge and the final step, testing out the new moves.

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Our friends over at Redbook have taken the time to review, peruse and summarize the best of best sex tips. They have compiled a list of 20 of the best sex tips based on their findings. Before reading Judy Dutton’s account of 20 Amazing Sex Secrets, remember sex is unquestionably intimate and while these sex secrets are based on studies and research, not all may apply to your situation. The purpose is for you to broaden your knowledge of the topic of sex and then apply it to your relationship.

Topics or tips that you feel would have the greatest impact on your relationship are the ones you will further pursue. As you will see, each sex tip references the book and author it was referenced from. Take note of it so you can read more on the topic.

Enjoy your partner and grow your relationship. While sex is a core desire we all have within our DNA, it doesn’t mean it needs to be mundane. It can and should be a beautiful, intimate activity you and your partner enjoy together. Enjoy these great sex secrets.

As always we appreciate all your comments and emails. Do you have a secret that wasn’t shared on this list and want others to experience how great it works? Share it with us in the comments section and don’t forget to share this information with your friends.