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Rekindle the Romance, Spice Up Your Sex Life

Hectic schedules, stressful lives and the routine of getting through your day can lead to life seeming robotic and mundane, let alone have an active sex life. All too often these feelings transfer in our relationships. For those in long term relationships, these day-to-day routines make the lustful days of when you first fell in love with a distant

Rekindle the Romance, Spice Up Your Sex Life2023-03-11T08:48:23-05:00

Better Sex Can Be a Laughing Matter

Can laughter help you have better sex? Your relationship and sex life are intertwined, and while sex does not determine the quality of a relationship, bad sex can hurt the longevity of a relationship. This is not a laughing matter and one which should be taken seriously. However, if you are too serious about things you could actually be

Better Sex Can Be a Laughing Matter2020-12-28T12:55:31-05:00

Foreplay Guide: 10 Tips for Super Hot Foreplay

Why would any couple need a foreplay guide? We as humans are creatures of habit. When formed properly, habits allow us to complete tasks with relative ease, yielding the results we want. In some cases our habits take us down a path we are familiar with, yet we don’t get the desired results. For couples, this is a frequent

Foreplay Guide: 10 Tips for Super Hot Foreplay2023-03-26T08:17:01-04:00

Why Tuesday Sex Is Better Than Makeup Sex?

Disagreements are a part of life and definitely a part of loving relationships. Is this why makeup sex always feels so great though? Or is there something better? Do you feel sexually connected to your partner? If you answered no don’t feel there is a problem with your relationship. The fact of the matter is many married couples or

Why Tuesday Sex Is Better Than Makeup Sex?2020-11-28T06:00:54-05:00

Better Sex Simply Through Kissing

Talking about sex and how to have better sex is a major topic around here. Alura Lux was designed specifically for improving all aspects of a woman’s experience, but as we know there is more to sex than just one item. If you ask couples what influences their sexual satisfaction the most, you will see a divide between the

Better Sex Simply Through Kissing2020-11-28T06:01:38-05:00
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