Why Tuesday Sex Is Better Than Makeup Sex?

Tuesday Sex Better Than Makeup Sex

Disagreements are a part of life and definitely a part of loving relationships. Is this why makeup sex always feels so great though? Or is there something better?

Do you feel sexually connected to your partner? If you answered no don’t feel there is a problem with your relationship. The fact of the matter is many married couples or couples in long-term relationships go through similar challenges at one time or another.

If you want proof of just how prevalent this issue is, look no further than the seemingly endless amounts of articles, books and talk show segments there are regarding sexless marriages and you quickly see you are not alone. In fact on a recent Dr. Oz went so far as to say the United States is actually in a sexual famine.

Why Does Makeup Sex Feel So Good?

So what has happened and why are so many couples lacking the sexual connection they desire? First, many people believe what they see in movies, television and magazines about what is needed for a couple to have sex. The mood, the positions, the performance and the finish. Unfortunately, if you believe and are waiting for all the stars to align just so in your relationship, chances are you will continue to be waiting and left not having sex.

Secondly, some couples only have sex after a conflict, a.k.a. makeup sex. For them, the act of making up brings them closer and into each other’s arms. Unfortunately, if the only time you have sex is after a conflict, this does not speak well of your relationship.

Instead, put away the misconceptions of what sex should be, stop picking a fight just to have makeup sex and start having Tuesday sex. Tuesday sex you ask? What is it?

Makeup Sex is Always Better with Alura Lux

Tuesday sex is very simple. It is the kind of sex you and your partner have on a Tuesday night after a long day when the kids are asleep and in your normal positions. It’s anything but a movie calibre romance scene but what it lacks in originality it makes up for in benefits.

The main benefit of Tuesday sex is there is nothing extraordinary about it and it can happen any day of the week without notice. It brings you and your partner closer together and continues to build the emotional and physical bond of love. Couples who regularly have Tuesday sex feel more connected as a team and are more capable of dealing with everyday life and challenges.

While the outward appearance looks as though it is nothing special, from a relationship point of view it is. The one main challenge couples face, and this really relates to all forms of sex for the couple, is removing yourself from your day. Changing out of mom or dad mode, and shifting into lover mood.

To successfully get in the mood to have Tuesday sex, a couple needs simple go-to methods to arouse both parties. In the theme of keeping things very simple, we have great tips on the Importance of Foreplay to Sex, as well as a Foreplay Guide: 10 Tips for Red Hot Foreplay. Use these to enhance your Tuesday sex, and for the love of your partner enjoy yourself any day of the week!