Can Post-Sex Cuddling Improve Your Relationship?

1 Way Cuddling Improves Intimacy, Love in Your Relationship

Through all the topics covered about sex, there are very few which discuss cuddling, you know, what happens after a couple has sex. All too often the tips and advice lead to you and help you to enjoy sex more, but there is nothing about the after-party.

The purpose of Alura Lux is to bring couples closer together physically and emotionally and through our experts, we understand there are many factors that accomplish this. For instance, did you know post-sex cuddling improves your relationship?

According to a new study headed by researchers from the University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM), couples can strengthen their relationships with post-sex cuddling. The researchers found that people who are more affectionate after having sex have stronger romantic relationships, especially if they are parents.

“When people think of sex, they tend to be focused on intercourse or orgasm,” said UTM sexuality and relationship researcher Amy Muise. “This research suggests that other affectionate aspects of sex are important for sexual and relationship satisfaction.”

Post-Sex Cuddling Benefits

For this study, the researchers conducted two online surveys. The first study included 335 individuals and the second 21-day survey interviewed 101 couples. In the first part of the study, the researchers defined the average amount of time couples were affectionate after sex. They used this baseline to determine what the effects were on the relationship with more post-sex cuddling compared to couples who cuddled less.

From the first part of the study, they discovered the average post-coital cuddling was 15 minutes. They also defined affectionate behavior as kissing, caressing, cuddling, and sweet-talking. In the second study, the researchers found that couples cuddled longer than the average amount of time found in the first part of the study.

The researchers found that post-sex affection helped couples bond with each other. It also improved their sexual satisfaction and increased the frequency of intercourse. The team added that post-sex affectionate behavior had even more beneficial effects on couples who were parents.

“Parents often have less time for sex and romance. Time spent cuddling after sex had a stronger impact on their relationships than it did for non-parents,” Muise said. “It is possible that additional bonding time after sex is even more important for couples who may face challenges finding time for intimate connection.”

Muise added, “If you are able, spend those extra moments with your partner. Make time for shared intimacy, such as cuddling, kissing, and intimate talk.”

The study, “Post-Sex Affectionate Exchanges Promote Sexual and Relationship Satisfaction,” can be found here.

Loving one another takes time and the precious intimate moments you spend with your partner have long-lasting benefits not only to your relationship but also to your health. Continue building your intimacy and strengthening your relationship with Alura Lux with some post-sex cuddling.

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