Better Sex Simply Through Kissing

Better Sex Simply Through Kissing

Talking about sex and how to have better sex is a major topic around here. Alura Lux was designed specifically for improving all aspects of a woman’s experience, but as we know there is more to sex than just one item.

If you ask couples what influences their sexual satisfaction the most, you will see a divide between the sexes. Most men will answer their penis and how long they can last in bed determines their partner’s satisfaction. Women on the other hand, while they don’t deny that will play a part, it’s not the biggest aspect from their perspective. Most women will answer the way their partner kisses and touches them, before, during and after sex is what plays the largest role in their sexual satisfaction.

When asked about the frequency of intercourse, most couples will agree they would like to increase the frequency, but due to schedules and lifestyles, they have a difficult time achieving this. To overcome this it is best to look at singular ways to improve your love life, keeping it less complicated. Put another way, focus on one thing at a time, for a short period of time, a week to two weeks, then incorporate other changes.

Better Sex with Through Kissing

Kissing is an area after the honeymoon of the relationship is over that gets completely overlooked for spicing up your sex life. Bring back the passion in your relationship by simply looking at how, when and why you are kissing each other. It is amazing what happens to couples when they alter their kissing routine and send their sexual satisfaction to all-new levels.

Better Sex with Kissing and Alura Lux Cream

There are many erogenous zones on our bodies that react very well to kisses. While we know the obvious ones, we are going to suggest some more subtle areas that can help increase arousal, even while in public.

While sitting at a bar or while watching TV, a kiss on the eyelids is something that is out of the ordinary and sensual for both you and your partner. It’s an area that rarely gets touched and from your partner’s perspective, it is very endearing as you need to deliberately and gently kiss them.

Change the simple peck on the forehead too much more by holding it longer and incorporating it withholding your partner’s head with your hands, or giving them a hug while you are kissing them. The additional 4-5 seconds you hold the kiss and hug connect you with your partner. You are making a conscious effort to stop everything you are doing and focus all your attention on them and be close with them for those moments.

Moving to areas you will need some privacy for, use your kisses abundantly during foreplay. For instance, starting at your partner’s toes you can work your way slowly, gently and erotically up their leg progressing onto their inner thigh, stopping short of where they will most likely want you to continue up too. The sensation of the kisses coupled with the anticipation of sex builds arousal to whole new levels.

When in the act of having sex, take time to passionately kiss each other. All too often once intercourse has started, the kissing stops. We know positions will dictate if you even have the ability to kiss, but make the effort to have kissing as part of the deed for better sex.

One last area is the lower back that loves to be kissed. This again can be done before, during or even after sex as it’s a sensitive area that rarely gets attention. While you are kissing and caressing each other spend some time at the lower back with soft kisses and gentle caresses.

Over the next week incorporate some of these kissing techniques into your relationship and don’t be afraid to use your imagination. The sensual, arousing effects of kissing is never a bad thing, just don’t go overboard all at once. Look to try 3 to 4 new techniques over the course of this week, then add new ones next week, until you find the right combination of what you both love. Enjoy the connection and feeling of kissing more and of course, in the end, enjoy the more satisfying, orgasmic sex!

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