Clustered Water Explained

We have always known the importance of proper hydration. However, up until recently, we did not truly understand the difference in what we drank to have proper hydration. Water was thought to be water and that was what was best for us. That was until scientific proof shattered those thoughts, and we understood there was a difference. A difference in the water that we drank.

Dr. Lee Lorezen proved the importance of clustered water and now we have a way of increasing the amount of this bound water that we have in our bodies. What does increasing the amount of it in our bodies do? Increasing the amount of clustered water in our bodies supports cardiovascular function*, increased energy*, to improving the hydration and look of your skin*. Dr. Robert Bender will share with you the facts and help you to understand clustered water.

If you are serious about improving your health, you will want to increase the amount of clustered water that is in your body. This can be achieved by using Cluster X2 on a regular basis.*

In conjunction with Cluster X2, you will want to ensure that your levels of glutathione are at their optimum levels. Glutathione is our body’s master antioxidant and can only be produced by our bodies when the right amino acids are present. Make sure to have those amino acids present in your body by using Triotein. For more information on Triotein, simply click here.

Make Your Own Clustered Water



Hydration is key in support countless healthy body function. Increased energy, improved metabolism, removing toxins from your trillions of cell is the type of the hydration iceberg.
Learn what Clustered Water can do for you and your healthy lifestyle goals today!

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