Health Benefits of Hexagonal Water

Top 5 Health Benefits of Hexagonal Water

If you have a basic understanding of what hexagonal water is, you are now probably looking for the health benefits of hexagonal water.

There has to be a reason why people would go to such great lengths to get as high a percentage concentration of hexagonal water structures as possible in the water they are drinking. That is the purpose of this page. The health benefits of hexagonal water are going to be explained in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Hydration of the Body

With our bodies made up of so much water (adult male approximately 70% compared to an adult female at 55%), it is no wonder that water is so important to our bodies and our overall health. When talking about hydrating the body, many aspects come into play.

Absorption is the process by which our trillions of cells accept the water and in return give up, or flush out the toxins in our cells. It sounds like a simple process. Drink plenty of water to hydrate our cells and flush out toxins. The problem is as we get older, as we age, the speed at which our cells accept water decreases. As we get older we have to drink more and more water to ensure proper hydration. Enter the purpose of hexagonal water.

Hexagonal Water complete hydration with Cluster X2

Complete Body Hydration

Hexagonal water is in a form that our trillions of cells can accept easier and faster. What this results in is better hydration* with less volume of water.

The hexagonal water moves faster and easier through our cells, thus allowing for better hydration, effective cleansing and even increasing our cellular energy levels. With proper hydration, mental clarity and more cellular energy are two of the major health benefits of hexagonal water.*

Safer and Faster Detoxification

Water is easily transported in our bodies and is used as a vehicle to transport items within our bodies. Water can transport nutrients into our cells and of course, it can also transport waste out of our cells. As hexagonal water is more rapidly absorbed into our cells the process of eliminating waste also speeds up*.

When an individual starts to drink hexagonal water this detoxification effect can be quick as the frequency of urination should increase as well as the potential for experiencing smoother urinations. In addition to this bowel movements should also become more regulated and softer as the detoxification becomes more apparent; essentially hexagonal water is promoting healthy digestion.*

Better Metabolic Activity

The efficient nature and structure of hexagonal water allow for faster transportation of nutrients throughout the body. The hexagonal water allows the enzymes in our bodies that work on metabolism to become more active and thus perform better. This is caused by the enhanced activity of the enzymes as they are allowed to move faster because of the hexagonal water.*

Immune System Support

Research has proven water plays a major role in a healthy immune system. However it’s not just any water which promotes a healthy immune system, there is more to it than that. As the hexagonal water surrounds healthy DNA and improves cellular activity, it promotes a healthy immune system. Conversely, unorganized water goes hand in hand with diseased cells and DNA. Drinking more unorganized water does nothing for promoting healthy cells and DNA.*

Better Cellular Communication

When a healthy baby is born, the body is in balance and the water contained within the body is hexagonal. This is a coherent or homeostatic state of the body. As the baby grows into an adult, and the individual drinks more and more unorganized water for hydration, it over the years replaces the abundance of hexagonal water within the body.

This decrease in hexagonal water in the body reduces the cellular communication between the millions of cells within the body. Drinking more hexagonal water can help to replace the hexagonal water in the body, and increase cellular communication.* This potential increase in cellular communication can improve the functioning of the cells and ultimately help to promote a healthy and vital lifestyle.

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