The Story of Clustered Water

Story of Clustered Water by Dr. Lee Lorenzen

The story of clustered water, or should it be stated, the quest for it all began in 1976. Lee Lorenzen was a graduate student researching at a University in California. Like so many aspiring researchers, his vocation was chosen because of his desire to make a difference in the health and happiness of others, but what he found was a model that wasn’t always working. Over and over again he saw that the medications he was researching appeared to be causing more harm than good.

“I remember saying to myself, over and over, in those days,” recalls Lorenzen, “Something is missing with this model.” Then it happened – a chain of events that ultimately led him to the discovery of water clusters and a method of stabilizing them.

During research using experimental rats, he was bitten and contracted a serious illness. Shortly thereafter, his wife was hospitalized with double pneumonia, and she began a downward spiral into chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, arthritis, Epstein Barr virus, and severe immunosuppression. With Lee ill and his wife bedridden, taking care of their two toddlers became almost impossible. For the first time in their lives, they got on their knees and prayed for help. And slowly, the answers began to come.

“I went to the UCLA library, one afternoon,” says Lee. “As I walked down an aisle, I noticed a little red book which was sticking out from the shelf – a book which was written in 1962 by the Nobel Prize laureate, Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi. As I read it, things began to make sense about cell water.”

The Story of Clustered Water and Cluster X2

Months of research eventually led Lorenzen to the healing Spring of Lourdes, France. There, he found evidence of natural water clusters – something that had escaped decades of scientific scrutiny. He found the same phenomenon in ten other healing springs around the world and also found geologic similarities in the places where these healing springs were located. As he continued to research and more pieces of the puzzle came together, Lorenzen learned how to duplicate the natural conditions which produce water clusters. He and his wife became guinea pigs – drinking the solution he called Clustered Water. Slowly, their health began to improve.

Dr. Lorenzen took his discovery to institutions he thought would be interested; however, after presenting his research, they did not grasp the implication of his findings, and continued to ask, “How could water make such a profound difference?” The shift in thinking was too great for them to comprehend.

Dr. Lorenzen then went to Japan, where the potential of Clustered Water was recognized. For the next 15 years, he worked with a group of doctors and researchers to study and document the effects of Clustered Water on thousands of patients in different clinics. Many of the results and conclusions were published in nine books in Japan. To date, more than 300,000 people in Japan drink clustered water solutions.

In 2004, Dr. Robert I. Bender, Chairman of the NHT Global Medical Advisory Board, work alongside Dr. Lorenzen as he developed Cluster X2, a liquid concentrate formulated to mix with distilled water to achieve the stable water clusters that Dr. Lorenzen began research over 20 years ago.

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