Clustered Water Concentrate


Drinking clustered water effectively hydrates human cellular tissues with bound water, promoting healthy cells, removal of toxins, promoting health, increased energy level, boosting cellular communication for your active and happy lifestyle. Dr. Lee Lorenzen’s Cluster X2 creates clustered water.

  • Delivers essential nutrients more efficiently*.
  • Increases cellular hydration*.
  • Improves cellular function and communication*.
  • Promotes waste removal and elimination of toxins*.
  • Replenishes levels of clustered water in our bodies, which decline naturally as we age.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


What is Clustered Water?

Cluster X2 is highly purified water that has been raised to a high level of electromagnetic power through a patented process US Patent #’s: 5,711,950, Titled: Process for Preparing Microclustered Water, Filed: March 4, 1994, and 6,033,678, Titled: Microclustered Water. Filed: December 4, 1997.

The process begins with extremely pure distilled water and, while it is exposed to special ceramics, treats it with lasers and extremely strong magnetic fields to create water “clusters”. Most water is in organizations or clumps of 60 or more water molecules (H2O). The processing organizes the water molecules into clusters that are very mobile, therefore entering the cell system very rapidly and replenishing inter-cellular water. It is this restructuring that makes these products so effective in accelerated hydration through enhanced mobility.

To that base product, we added Astragalus and Schizandra, both adaptogens. Adaptogens were named by Russian Scientists in the 1940’s. First by Nikolai Lazarev, and later, further researched by Dr. I.I. Brekhman, Institute of Biologically Active Substances, Academy of Vladivostok, Russia. The definition or criteria for an adaptogen is as follows:

  • An adaptogen is protective. It should raise an individual’s resistance to physical, chemical, or biological stresses.
  • An adaptogen boosts recovery. It has the power to normalize the physiological functioning of organisms suffering from various physical problems.
  • Although powerful, an adaptogen must be harmless to the body, not disturbing natural bodily functions.
  • Using a Bio-Impedence Analyzer, it has have been shown that this solution can cause significant cell water turnover more rapidly than distilled water.

Clustered Water in Simple Terms

As with any product that is based on Nobel-winning research, there is a lot of science to decipher. We aren’t scientists, yet we do get asked frequently for more information on Clustered Water and how it works. We appreciate it and we listen; for more information we have this simple introduction to Clustered Water. Take some time learn the story of clustered water as well as the health benefits.

Clustered Water Explained by Dr. Robert Bender


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