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Skindulgence Eye Cream combines the best of science and nature have to offer. Advanced peptide technology providing your skin complete anti-wrinkle care, the Skindulgence Eye Cream is a deep hydrating skincare cream effectively and simply revitalizes and soothes your skin. In addition, it also balances your skin tone and restores your natural healthy glow.

  • Moisturizes to give you softer, smoother, healthier skin
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, under-eye circles, and other signs of aging around the eyes
  • Provides antioxidant support to protect your skin
  • Rejuvenates and revitalizes tired, ageing skin for a more youthful look
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Skindulgence Eye Cream

Skindulgence, the leader in anti-aging skin care has done it again with the powerful Skindulgence Eye Cream. This specially formulated, patented product fights the signs of anti-aging to allow you to look younger and more vibrant all from the comfort of you home. Through the use of powerful anti-aging peptides, the Skindulgence Eye Cream restore lost time to your face and most importantly eliminates tired looking eyes.

This Skindulgence Eye Cream is an anti-wrinkle, nourishing eye cream. This is not just a one purpose eye cream. The Skindulgence Eye Cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. In addition to eliminating fine lines and wrinkles, the Skindulgence Eye Cream also rejuvenates and revitalizes tired aging skin. Even with plenty of rest, you can have the dreaded “bags under your eyes.”

Throw away those unwanted “bags” with the Skindulgence Eye cream. Look younger, look more rested, look the way you feel . . . amazing!

The Skindulgence Eyecream is gentle and safe for all skin types. It is to be applied after cleansing and can be used both in the mornings and at night prior to sleep.

What is Peptide Technology?

Peptide is a compound of several amino acids combined to form protein. This combination is composed of Collagen and elastin which are proteins that normally exist in the skin. Skindulgence Time Restore includes the following peptides: Argireline, Matrixyl3000, Polylift, Regu-Age, and Phyto-GABA.

What is Adenosine?

It is an amino acid that is formed in the cell by metabolic cellular energy. Adenosine became a popular cosmetic ingredient through Massachusetts Medical School’s research of Adenosine’s functional work on wrinkle improvement. Unlike Vitamin C and Retinol, known as winkle improvement materials, which are greatly weakened by light and heat, Adenosine is safe enough to use night and day. It is one of the most advanced cosmetic ingredients for the next generation and is authorized by the Korean FDA as a wrinkle improvement cosmeceutical based on clinical trials.


Argireline is an amino peptide ingredient in Botox that was developed to alleviate the early signs of wrinkles and aging. Amino-peptide Argireline is used as an emulsion, gel and essence for the forehead and eye contour.

Matrixyl 3000 – Palmitoyl Oligopeptide

This is a peptide of recent focus that is well known for remarkably reducing visible wrinkles. It is a natural amino acid peptide used in skin care that effectively promotes the production of collagen.


Polylift is a high molecular weight protein complex derived from sweet almonds and organizes three dimensional tension network used for skin care.


Regu-Age is a peptide ingredient derived from beans and rice bran developed by Pentafarm company. Regu-Age improves the circulation within skin cells and is known as an antioxidant that protects from oxidization, as well as preserves collagen and elastin.

Phyto-Gaba – Gamma Aminobutryic Acid

Phyto-GABA is a raw material widely used in nutritional supplements and has a unique mechanism that is also used for cosmetics.

6 reviews for Skindulgence Eye Cream

  1. LaurenVonD

    I needed a new eye cream to really focus on dryness, fine lines, and darkness (pretty much everything!). I was really intrigued by the fact it said it improves concealer wear. After using it for about a month, I can say this is awesome and I love it. It really hydrates underneath my eye and my concealer looks so much better when I apply it over top of this. When you first put it on your under eyes look so dewy and hydrated, it does sink in after awhile and the dewiness fades a bit but they stay looking hydrated. I definitely see an improvement in my lines and under eye darkness as well. I was honestly shocked at how much I liked this. The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars is because I wish it came in a squeeze tube or had a spatula with it. I HATE digging my finger in there, I use the back of my knuckle with a clean hand but it’s hard to get in there. For sanitary purposes, the packaging could be better. Other than that, LOVE.

  2. marabear

    I’ve heard nothing but great things so I was really excited to use this product.. The texture is light and soft, the smell is natural and mild and you can use this little bottle forever cause you barely need to tap your finger to have enough product to use. Sadly, I found that most of the time when I woke up after applying it the night before, there was a lot of build up and residue left around my eyes. I felt like I massaged it in enough so I couldn’t understand why it left so much gunk around my eyes. That was one down side but what I would like to mention is that I would not suggest this product if you have lash extensions!!! I’ve been getting lashes for almost a year and using this product for barely a month (but I also had used this product before when I didn’t have lashes and it still left crusties on my eyes lol), but I just had my lashes filled yesterday and I of course use my eye creme at night, this morning I woke up with slightly swollen/irritated eyes. I also have seasonal allergies. But I think with the build up of this creme, glue and probably left over make up is what has made me react! I am going to buy eye lash cleaner to try and remove all the oils and what not, but if you have lashes, rubbing extra product in so close to your lashes isn’t the best! Other than that, great creme! You notice your eyes instantly brighter after its applied.

  3. melizzaAndrea

    I have very dry skin. I have fine lines and dark circles under my eyes. I bought this to address a serious dry patch that randomly developed overnight under my left eye and was very stubborn. Not even my FAB Ultra Repair Cream could handle this dry patch.

    I was skeptical of it because eye creams seems so gimmicky to me. But it’s honestly worth every penny if you’re in need of serious hydration under the eyes! After a few days of morning and evening use, the dry patch is gone and my eye area is so much more hydrated and happy. Even my fine lines have decreased!

    I recommend this to help with dry skin and fine lines. I don’t recommend it if you’re looking for something to actually lighten your dark circles. However, I’ll keep buying it because it really is that good for hydration!

    Be careful not to rub it in your eyes because you might feel some slight irritation in your eyes (as you would with most other creams in your eyes).

  4. Kristen P.

    At first, this product didn’t blow me away. It definitely worked well under makeup, but I didn’t see any instant effects with plumping or brightening or fine lines. When you see this promoted on YouTube it’s hyped up to the point you think it should work miracles once applied. When it didn’t do that I was contemplating returning it, but decided to stick with it rather than invest in another eye cream.

    Fast forward to now and …. I’m obsessed. After using it for about three months I see a difference in my fine lines and plumpness under my eye. I don’t use as much concealer anymore because I do see that darkness has diminished. I would assume that is because my eyes are well hydrated and more plump! I even like it more than the Estée Lauder undereye cream I used up prior to this (that’s a great eye cream too)! People commented that it takes a while for this product to sink in and I would have to agree. It is a heavier cream and I only use this at night. I slather it on and don’t need a reapplication before makeup the next morning. If I happen to forget to apply the night before, I take a tiny amount under my eyes. It’s just trial and error for what works for you. But to get full benefits I would definitely recommend doing it at night and letting it sink in.

    I wish it smelled like bananas! I highly recommend this product.

  5. Allyson G

    I’ve been on the hunt for the best eye cream and I think I may have found it!! I decided to invest in trying a lot of high end skincare, and this was one of the things I was excited to pick up since so many of my favorite influencers rave about it.

    I’ve been using it morning and night for a couple weeks now and I think I can see why. First of all, it smells great but at the same time not to strong, and it’s super nice and light. The jar is small for how much you pay, but it’s an eye cream; you really only need the tiniest amount. It’s nice and moisturizing, but the reason I think I’ve found my perfect eye cream is that after using it consistently for these couple of weeks, I feel like I have seen a bit of improvement in my dark circles! No, they haven’t all gone away overnight (that’s a bit much to ask of any skincare product I think) but they’re definitely a bit lighter and brighter, which is amazing – especially considering my eye area is super hydrated too (the only other product I ever found to get rid of dark circles left my under eyes dry as the Sahara to the point where I couldn’t ever put product on top or it looked crepey and cakey and gross). This product has stolen my heart and now I’m really intrigued to try more from Skindulgence.

  6. Stephanie L.

    Hello my beauties!

    I would LOVE to share with you on how much I love this product! Due to me having SUPER sensitive skin, I have been extra careful with what products I apply on my skin.

    When I had conceded into purchasing this gem, I did my research and it appeared that this creme fit all my objectives. This creme can come in handy for many of your beauty needs! You can use the creme both night and day, don’t forget to apply the eye cream with your ring finger!!! After the first application, I noticed my eye area brightened up, and I did applied it in the morning before I did my makeup and I loved the look of my makeup that day. I love it so much that I have been using it before I apply my makeup ever since. It has officially been added to the routine.

    Not only can you use this gem before makeup application, but it also helps reduce the look of dark circles, fine lines, reduces dullness and on top of that it is collagen boosted! Like is there anything this cream can’t do?!

    I highly recommend in the investment. My current experiment right now is using the cream to eliminate my fiancé’s dark circles. So stay tuned…….

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