Hexagonal Water | A Basic Understanding

What is Hexagonal Water?

Before we can answer the question “What is Hexagonal Water” we must first understand some basic principles of what water actually is.

Some are familiar with the term H2O, but just as a term. Many people don’t understand where that term comes from. It comes from the fact that to make one molecule of water, it takes 2 hydrogen molecules and 1 oxygen molecule. Thus H (hydrogen) x 2 and O (oxygen) x1 = H20. Thus water is a network of hydrogen-bonded molecules.

Everyone knows that water has three states, gaseous, liquid and solid, and while the state may change, the water molecules remain intact. Their speed of vibration from a liquid state either speeds up (changing to a gaseous state) or slows down (changing to a solid-state).

Lesser known is that water actually can change its structure even while in the same state. Recent scientific studies indicate that biological organisms prefer the six-sided (hexagonal) ring-structure. So at its very basic definition, what is hexagonal water can be answered as water that is in a ring-structure that is shaped in a hexagonal, or six-sided form (see the picture to the right).

Where to Find Hexagonal Water

As all water is made up of the same molecule units, two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen, it is also true that all water contains some percentage of hexagonal water. Some sources of water have more than others. It appears that the determining factor that dictates the percentage of hexagonal water units found in the energetic influences that the water is exposed to.

Energetic influences can refer to a long list of items, but water in it’s the purest form where it is free from pollutants and the touch of man, seems to have a higher percentage of hexagonal water units. For example, chlorine, fluoride and many pollutants that are typically found in clean municipal water sources have a very low level of hexagonal water units.

Conversely, there are a number of places throughout the world where the water has a very high concentration of hexagonal water structures. Many of these places are known as “healing springs” such as Lourdes, France.

Hexagonal Water with Cluster X2

Where Can You Find Hexagonal Water?

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