Is Foreplay the Secret to Longer Lasting Sex?

Longer Lasting Sex Secret is Foreplay | 3 Sexy Tips

Whether they will admit it or not, longer lasting sex in on many men’s minds. They fear their sexual partner calling them a “two-second wonder” in bed. For as badly as they desire to have sex, they don’t want to be known as the guy who climaxed before the party even got started. In addition to this, most women need to be properly aroused for enjoyable and satisfying sex.

Key to Longer Lasting Sex

So what can be done to ensure he lasts long enough and you get the stimulation and arousal you need? What part of the having sex process needs to be tweaked to ensure you both get what you want? The answer to both questions is foreplay. If you want to prolong your pleasure in the bedroom, you need to concentrate on improving your foreplay and amazing, longer-lasting sex will follow.

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Research, couples who engage in pre-sex play – such as cuddling, kissing, oral sex, caressing one another, and self-stimulation – log more time in the sack with their partner than those who only focus on intercourse.

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To determine the effect foreplay had on the length of time a couple engaged in intercourse, researchers surveyed 6,183 people, ages 16 to 64. The survey focused on the length of time they had sex in relation to the variety of foreplay they usually took part in.

Subjects were asked how long they typically have sex, what type of sexual practices they typically engage in, and were then split into the following sex-savvy categories based on their responses: basic sex (kissing, cuddling, touching, and vaginal intercourse), basic plus oral sex, all-inclusive (everything mentioned above, plus manual stimulation), and solely vaginal intercourse.

What group lasted the longest in bed and reported the highest satisfaction? The all-inclusive group lasted 29.5 minutes – a long way from the two-second wonder guys fear most!

As for the others: Basic plus oral sex was second in line with a time of 26 minutes, followed by basic sex (16 minutes), and lastly vaginal intercourse (8.5 minutes). Note: On average, men across the board reported longer-lasting sexual encounters than women.

While we never did say it was rocket science, the more foreplay you have with your partner, the longer you’ll be able to be with your partner; tangled up in bed doing what you both love to do. So the next time you think about sex and how you can last longer, first think of what you can do to improve foreplay.

It All Starts with a Touch ...