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Can I Ever Enjoy Sex Again?

The topic of how to enjoy sex again is one that while taboo for some is on the minds of many. The frequency and way in which people think and talk about sex will depend on their experience. Sex should be an empowering and pleasurable experience, unfortunately for many women, this is not the case. There is a large

Can I Ever Enjoy Sex Again?2021-12-06T16:51:55-05:00

3 Natural Aphrodisiacs to Boost Low Libido

Let face it, we all want to enjoy and have a healthy, satisfying sex life. Trouble is, when we or our partner have a low libido, the desire is lacking and so too is the sex. Are there natural aphrodisiacs that can help increase a low libido? There is a long list of reasons why one or both of

3 Natural Aphrodisiacs to Boost Low Libido2023-03-15T12:54:36-04:00

Is this Stopping You from Having an Orgasm?

How many times have you had sex in the past few months that you have not had an orgasm? Judging by the fact you are reading this article it may be happening more frequently than you’d like. In fact, 1 in 3 women fails to have an orgasm when they have sex. There are many factors that play into

Is this Stopping You from Having an Orgasm?2020-12-06T07:16:29-05:00

How a Woman’s Low Libido Affects Their Relationship

Has your sex life become more of a memory than reality? Has your busy scheduled with your career and the kids come between you and your husband? You are not alone if you answered yes and even though we tell ourselves that we want to have sex when the opportunity does present itself, we are saying no more than

How a Woman’s Low Libido Affects Their Relationship2020-12-08T07:48:16-05:00

How to Treat Vaginal Dryness

Ok ladies the last thing that you want to discuss especially with your partner is problems regarding vaginal dryness. It is something that many women are faced with on a regular basis. You are not alone and there are many possible causes affecting you right now. It could be hormonal changes, anxiety, stress, even changes to your detergent could

How to Treat Vaginal Dryness2023-03-15T16:56:11-04:00
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