What is Clustered Water?

What is Clustered Water

Clustered water is vital to everyone’s health. A significant portion of our bodies is made from water, not just ordinary water.

NHT Global’s Cluster X2 has been created to benefit the body with increased and more efficient cell hydration. It is now adequate, independent research on the bioactivity of clustered water (water clusters) and how the cells are better hydrated. Science has determined that, in the human body, there are two basic types of water (biological Water): bound water and clustered water (hexagonal water).

What is Bound Water?

Bound Water is water that becomes physically bound to other molecular structures and is unable to move freely through the cell walls.

Studies have shown that clustered water, also called ‘free’ water, is able to move freely through the cell walls and is instrumental to transport nutrients, remove waste, and maintain proper communication between the cells.

Research indicated that, when we are young, our bodies contain a high level of this remarkable water and very little bound water.

However, as we naturally age, the levels of bound water increase and free water levels decrease, thus hindering the effectiveness of many metabolic functions and causing significant changes in our body’s tissues. However, as we get older, the clusters of water molecules change. Because of stress and pollution, toxins and accumulated wastes in our bodies gradually bind to the water molecules, enlarging and distorting them.

We also know that with age and with many things we eat and drink, we actually dehydrate our cells, thus resulting in poor cellular nutrition and thus poor cell health. As the normal cluster molecules in our bodies get bigger and lose shape, it becomes difficult for water to pass through the cell wall.

How is Clustered Water Different?

The increased cell hydration after drinking clustered water can be tested and demonstrated with a Bio-Impedence Analyzer (BIA). Analysis with the BIA indicated that the BMR (basal metabolic rate) increases after 40 to 60 minutes following the ingestion of clustered water versus the ingestion of tap water or bottled water, therefore, based on science, the conclusion can be drawn that the nutrients necessary for the mitochondria to process ADP to ATP are delivered to the cell more efficiently with the clustered water.

Exercise creates billions of free radicals, and the adaptogens in Cluster X2 work to protect the cell from damage, replacing intracellular water loss with Cluster X2 is very beneficial.

Daily stress is a major problem, whether from emotional or physical causes, and Cluster X2 is an amazing product in minimizing this damage to the system and encouraging cellular repair and regeneration. I (Dr. Bender) have witnessed body recovery from significant cellular dysfunction by the use of increasing cellular hydration with the adaptogens in Cluster X2. Once the cellular dysfunction is minimized the body begins to attain balance and healing follows.

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