Promoting Immune Health with Noni

Powerful Antioxidants Delivered by Noni

Noni has been in use as a medicinal herb in various cultures around the world for several thousand years. Its traditional use relating to promoting immune health includes combating bacterialviralfungal, and parasitic infections. It is used to support healthy respiratory systems, sore throat, gum infections, fever, headache, diarrhea, and indigestion. It is considered to have anti-inflammatory effects and is also a common use for promoting healthy joint pain function. Noni continues to be the go-to natural immune health booster.*

A Scientific Understanding of How Noni Works

There is a large jump from traditional uses to a more scientific understanding of how Noni may work. Recent studies are helping to explain how Noni supports immune health.

Dendritic cells are the important cells of your immune health that identify an invader and then help mount the higher-powered adaptive immune response. A May 2009 study showed that Noni activated dendritic cells and consequently boosted the production of B cells that make antibodies against a specific invader. This type of boosting of the adaptive immune system is relevant to supporting healthy body functions.*

Promoting Immune Health with Noni

Immune Health Scientific Case Findings

  • Another study showed that Noni goes to work right away to boost the important natural killer cells, a vital part of the front line innate immune system. Yet another study shows that Noni activates macrophages (front line innate immunity) by stimulating their receptors (cannabinoid 2 receptors -CB2), while simultaneously increasing interferon production (a signal that stimulates dendritic cells to mount the adaptive immune response).*
  • A study with newborn calves showed that Noni could boost the natural defence system against E. coli.*
  • Other interesting studies on Noni show that it exerts an anti-inflammatory effect and protects the liver. One study showed that Noni helps the liver make less xanthine oxidase, a finding that supports the traditional using Noni when dealing with gout. Noni is not only non-toxic at very high doses it has been shown to reduce liver lesions upon toxic exposure. Thus, Noni facilitates the needed inflammation of the natural immune response as well as offering anti-inflammatory protection for healthy cells while it assists the liver to perform better under stress.*
  • Another property of Noni is that it has relaxing attributes, accomplished by helping to potentiate the relaxing neurotransmitter system of GABA. This feature will help calm stress during the day (which is immune-suppressive) as well as making Noni a good choice for a before bed immune support nutrient that is likely to contribute to restful sleep.*

Collectively, this data shows that Noni activates macrophages and natural killer cells of the front line immune troops (innate immunity) while also stimulating dendritic cells to activate T cells and mount antibody production by the higher-powered adaptive immune system.

All of this newer science supports Noni’s traditional use with sore throats respiratory problems, and bacterial and viral infections. Since it also has a gentle-on-your-body profile it is reasonable to consider Noni as an option in your immune support toolbox during any cold and flu season.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.