About Us


Successful & Growing

Since 2006, Engineered Lifestyles has been interested in generating multiple streams of income and teaching others how to successfully do the same. We have had experience in a variety of work-from-home business opportunities. Whether that has been Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, or developing your own brand from scratch, we can help.

If you are looking for a support network to learn, build and develop your online income, we can help. Let our experiences be your tools for your success. There are no shortcuts to success, but together we can get you to your goals as fast as possible.

If you are interested in total wellness, take a moment to learn about a opportunity that can benefits all aspects of your wellness here.

There is a reason we have not looked back since 2006. Let our actions speak louder than anything we could ever say. Let’s work together as we achieve our personal and financial goals.


A Global Opportunity

You are the creator of your world. Your thoughts, your continuous actions, and how you continue to grow to play a defining role in creating your lifestyle. Learning how to manifest and create exactly what you want is a skill not everyone utilizes.

Through our Network Marketing experience, we built and continue to build growing teams in 40+ markets around the world. Through our Affiliate Marketing experience, we have sold products on every continent and continue to bring high-impacting, cutting-edge products to our customers.

We have been fortunate to experience manifesting and creating our own reality on a daily basis and we want to share it with you. Need to know more about us? Contact us today to investigate if there is a suitable fit and synergy between what we are doing within the multiple income streams we can share with you and your ultimate goals.


Support & Experience

Engineered Lifestyles continues to assemble a dynamic and global team. Longevity and stability within the opportunities we have been developing since 2006 exhibit not only our level of satisfaction but our commitment to our team members.

Working on yourself as you build your business is the only long-term success hack. We can show you how as that is what has been done every day since we started in June 2006.

Draw from our knowledge, learn from our mistakes, and be part of something that is bigger than you. We continue to be amazed by how grow with our teams in ways we couldn’t have grown alone. We are in awe as well as grateful for everyone who has crossed our path and contributed.

Surround yourself with our team and leverage everything we have to offer. Quickly learn to duplicate our success through our mentoring and one-on-one training.

Why Choose Engineered Lifestyles?

Happy Family Ready to Get Started with Engineered Lifestyles

Engineered Lifestyles prides itself on providing the ultimate value to our team members through our leadership and experience.

Our success is a collective one; with our team members achieving their goals. Accountability is demanded in all aspects of our business. Through teamwork and focus, consistent and correct action will deliver the desired results. This is what creates the reality we live in.

Are you ready to start creating and engineering your dream lifestyle?

Engineered Lifestyles FAQs

Engineered Lifestyles is an online retailer and entrepreneur support resource working with individuals to developing their “dream” lifestyle.

Engineered Lifestyles was created by Jamie Messina to help individuals globally. To understand how you can work with Engineered Lifestyles simply fill-out the Contact Us form and we will contact you within 24-48 hours.

Engineered Lifestyles is continually working to enhance our health and wellness. Our vision is to support our bodies in the most natural way possible. To achieve this our product selection does change. Review our Product Listing and Online Store on a regular basis.

Engineered Lifestyles started in Canada but supports individuals all over the world. At last count, we were up to 40 countries. Please see our Contact Us page for more information.