Duplication and It’s Power in Business

Duplication and its powers are not commonly understood. It is a common expression that when people are extremely busy they wish they could duplicate themselves so they could get more done. Unfortunately, the true powers of duplication are not as well know as that expression. While people wish they could duplicate themselves to get more done they know it’s impossible to duplicate themselves, or is it?

o share the true power of duplication, we will use a simple example, one that has been used for years to highlight it’s true power. This example will start with a single penny. This penny can duplicate itself every day, thus creating more pennies that have the same ability. Does the question become how much money will these pennies equate to after 30 days? 30 days of duplicating each other.

Starting at 1 penny on day one, then 2 pennies on day two, 4 pennies on day three, 8 on day four, all the way up to day thirty, the pennies equate to a staggering $5,368,708! All from 1 penny that duplicated itself for 30 days!

Duplication, the MLM Industry and You

Duplication Power in MLM

The penny example that was just used is of course only a theoretical example, one that is used to highlight the power of duplication as well as compounding interest. But what if there was a way that you could duplicate yourself, and one that allowed you to make money on that duplication? This is where network marketing gains much of it’s earning power from, duplication.

When you start with an MLM opportunity you have just duplicated the individual who sponsored you. They will then teach you the skills that you need to duplicate their successes so that you too can be successful in sponsoring others into the same MLM opportunity. From the support that you receive, you will then be able to start to duplicate yourself every time you sponsor a new distributor/associate into your organization.

As you were trained, you then train those new distributors/associates with the skills that they will need such that they will be able to duplicate your successes. Very quickly from you sponsoring 2 people, who each go out and sponsor 2, who then each sponsor 2, your group very quickly turns into a team of 14 distributors/associates plus yourself. (Here is the math on that; you sponsor 2; Group = 3; your 2 personally sponsored distributors / associates sponsor 2 each, 4 new distributors / associates; Group =7; those 4 new distributors / associates sponsor 2 each, 8 new distributors; Group = 15).

It doesn’t take long before your organization is duplicating itself over and over again. Whether you are actively working with them or not. What you have created though is the penny that can duplicate itself every single day.

Duplication Can Power Your Success

Many will say that to make any substantial money in the MLM industry you have to have large groups. These groups are difficult to build and only those that get in at the ground floor can make it work. That is one of the biggest myths about MLM as we just highlighted above.

There is no question that you need to have an organization that is consistently selling products and thus generating business volume. What you need to understand though is that you will not have to do it on your own. As you can see from the information on this page, you will use the power of duplication, along with leverage to build your group in size. Done consistently your successes duplicated through-out your organization, in a relatively quick time frame, you will start to generate a residual income.

The amount of that residual income will be based on your group size and your compensation plan. Want to earn a larger residual income? Then continue to work with your team and increase the frequency in which your penny duplicates.

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