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7 Ways to Use Body Language to Build Trust

[adinserter block="12"]Building trust is the start of every business relationship. It is because trust is at the core of every type of business transaction. When you’re inviting a prospect to a presentation, for example, he or she needs to feel that you’re trustworthy before accepting your invite. If you’re asking a customer to buy your product or service, gaining

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Mastering the Telephone for Business Success

Talk to any successful entrepreneur and they will tell you that you must master a certain set of core skills to profit and grow your business. In the network marketing industry none are more important than mastering the telephone. We live in a world connected through technology and even though so much of that connectedness comes in the form of

Daily Method of Operation for Success

[adinserter block="12"][dropcap style="font-size: 60px; color: #267abf;"]A[/dropcap]sk any successful entrepreneur what provided them the most success in their journey and while the word they use to describe this may change, there all have one underlying theme. It can be called many things, work ethic, drive, persistence, motivation, but where the magic happens is not in what they call it. No the

How to Surround Yourself with Successful Entrepreneurs

[dropcap style="font-size: 60px; color: #267abf;"]B[/dropcap]eing an entrepreneur means much more than being in business for yourself. For every successful entrepreneur there are thousands that have unfortunately not succeeded. Other than having the I Will Not Be Denied attitude, what else do you feel is a major contributor to their success? Many people will be quick to say that it is the

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Who Creates Your Happiness?

Who creates your happiness is a question we ask on a regular basis to our clients. Are you searching for that missing piece of the puzzle? The piece once you have in your possession will make everything better. Your physical, your emotional, and your financial life will finally be on track and you can finally say “I am happy!”

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I Will Not Be Denied Success

Are you ready to scream "I will not be denied success?" Each and every day before we even set out on our day, we are preconditioned for success. While this may seem strange, bizarre, or even wrong to some, look no further than your current results to see how true this statement is. How many times have you awoken,

Power of Your Personal Habits

How do your personal habits affect your life and the results you are experiencing? What would you say is the driving force behind the results that you are achieving at this very moment? Whether you are satisfied with the results or not, what or why do you believe you have these results? Is it from circumstance, from outside forces

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Success Mindset Every Entrepreneur Must Have

Thoughts are powerful things. Everything that you see around you was created by thought. The thoughts that you think on a regular basis will determine the type of life that you live. Everything in your physical, emotional, and financial life will be created by the thoughts you think every day. It is for this reason that your mindset is


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