Mastering the Telephone for Business Success

Mastering the Telephone Training

Talk to any successful entrepreneur and they will tell you that you must master a certain set of core skills to profit and grow your business. In the network marketing industry none are more important than mastering the telephone.

We live in a world connected through technology and even though so much of that connectedness comes in the form of social media, the skill of mastering the telephone is still required. The difference now is simply you use social media as another tool to make contact and start the conversation. Your goal will always be to speak directly with your new contact and most times that will happen through a one-on-one conversation.

Learning the proper techniques will allow you to build your business not just locally or even nationally, but internationally as well. How to handle yourself through the conversation, questions to ask, questions to avoid are all items you will develop as you gain experience on the phone. As your experience and skills increase so too will your closing ratio; improving your sales per call.

Through this training hosted by Jamie Messina, learn what skills you need to develop to be a master of the telephone. Learn from Jamie’s experience as he explains the steps he went through starting as a complete novice to a global leader of an international network marketing organization. Watch and listen to the skills he developed and what barriers he had to overcome; all items you can use to grow your business fast and achieve your goals quicker.

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Be sure to have a pen paper close by to take notes from this webinar training. Leaders understand the importance of continuous learning, and while not everything you see and here in this webinar training will apply to you directly now, there is a good possibility that it will in the future. Taking notes from this webinar training will allow to refer to them when the time is right.

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