entrepreneur mindset

Are You an Entrepreneur? 5 Question Quiz

In today’s age of social media, the terms trending and viral have become household terms and entrepreneur is definitely one of them. These terms have taken what we once simply knew as a hot trend and brought them to a whole new level. The new unlimited speed at which a topic, a video or

I Will Not Be Denied Success

Are you ready to scream "I will not be denied success?" Each and every day before we even set out on our day, we are preconditioned for success. While this may seem strange, bizarre, or even wrong to some, look no further than your current results to see how true this statement is. How

Do You Have an Employee or Entrepreneur Mindset

[adinserter block="12"] Be your own boss. Work your own hours. Make up the rules and have to answer to no one! These and a litany of other clichés are used in the entrepreneur discussion. Usually they are said by individuals who are pitching you on a work from home opportunity or affiliate marketing deal. There are


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