Do You Have an Employee or Entrepreneur Mindset

Entrepreneur Mindset Being Your Own Boss
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Be your own boss. Work your own hours. Make up the rules and have to answer to no one! These and a litany of other clichés are used in the entrepreneur discussion. Usually they are said by individuals who are pitching you on a work from home opportunity or affiliate marketing deal.

There are thousands of established home business opportunities and affiliate offers that one can choose from not to mention the cross-section of franchises an individual can invest their money into. On top of that, if you are a fan of Shark Tank you know that there are as many varied entrepreneurs attempting to get their new brain child off the grown as there are individuals.

What business to get started in is not the purpose of this post. Actually the type of business that you may choose to get involved in is not relevant at this point. It’s not relevant because the discussion today is what type of mindset do you have? Do you have an employee mindset or that of an entrepreneur?

“Is there a difference you ask?” Absolutely and the difference is not minor. It’s actually a complete paradigm shift between being an employee and an entrepreneur. For the successful entrepreneurs who have made that shift, they understand it was a major one. Unfortunately for those who were unaware there was a difference of mindsets, they found out too late and their enterprise failed.

Engineered Lifestyles was established to help individuals who are looking to make that change. By providing information that opens their eyes and minds to what their true potential is. Comparing employee versus entrepreneur mindset is just the first step.

Take the step now to find out what the differences are between these two mindsets, understand which one you currently have and the changes that will be ahead for you as you make the transition. Read Employee Versus Entrepreneur Mindset here.

As always we enjoy your comments and share with your friends. They may be thinking about becoming an entrepreneur too, and good friends don’t let friends fail.

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