Are You an Entrepreneur? 5 Question Quiz

5 Question Entrepreneur Quiz

In today’s age of social media, the terms trending and viral have become household terms and entrepreneur is definitely one of them.

These terms have taken what we once simply knew as a hot trend and brought them to a whole new level. The new unlimited speed at which a topic, a video or a product can circumnavigate the world thousands of times over in just a few moments is staggering.

With this ability, there also comes a slight danger. While there is no danger in watching the latest viral animal movie making its social media rounds, there is an inherent danger when you start making career and life-altering changes based on trending information. But what sort of person would do that and what type of career are we talking about?

Technology allows us to reach out and literally be around the world in an instant. With this has come many home businesses and online opportunities that use the term entrepreneurship very loosely. It’s used more like a cliché than actual fact. To lure and entice people with the notion of being their own boss, writing their own paychecks and living a life without a worry in the world.

Are You An Entrepreneur?

If you are on any form of social media you have most likely seen and heard these pitches. We are not here today to dispute you can live that lifestyle based on a business opportunity you start from home, what we do want to highlight is what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Starting any business, whether traditional or online, will require you to think and act like an entrepreneur. So before you start down the road of entrepreneurship, you must honestly ask yourself if you are an entrepreneur. Do you have what it takes and are you ready for the challenges ahead?

Being entrepreneurs ourselves we understand how your world changes once you step out from being an employee and into the continually changing world of being an entrepreneur. Before making any decisions on businesses to start, or products to launch, we suggest you take a simple 5 question quiz.

Be honest in answering these questions as the only person who will know your answers will be you. So if you are lying about them, you are lying to yourself and we all know that never ends well. With potential change on the horizon, spend 10 minutes to answer the 5 questions in the Are You an Entrepreneur Quiz.

Your honest answers will give you clarity on whether you are ready to be an entrepreneur without any bias on business or profits. Start with the basics and grow from there.

If you have any questions or need guidance about transitioning into the world of entrepreneurship, contact Engineered Lifestyles directly.

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