7 Incredible Cuddling Benefits

While overlooked, there are many cuddling benefits and they all lead to intimacy. Intimacy in a relationship is built through many factors. It starts with the physical and emotional attraction which draws couples together then builds into a romantic relationship, filled with kissing, caressing and of course sex. There is one aspect of an activity that most couples do

7 Incredible Cuddling Benefits2023-03-12T12:49:56-04:00

Can Post-Sex Cuddling Improve Your Relationship?

Through all the topics covered about sex, there are very few which discuss cuddling, you know, what happens after a couple has sex. All too often the tips and advice lead to you and help you to enjoy sex more, but there is nothing about the after-party. The purpose of Alura Lux is to bring couples closer together physically

Can Post-Sex Cuddling Improve Your Relationship?2023-03-26T08:12:10-04:00
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