8 Types of Kisses Everyone Should Have This Holiday

8 Types of Kisses for Intimate and Happy Relationships this Holiday Season
[adinserter block=”10″]Kisses are a great gift, and just like gifts, there are many types of kisses that you can give your special person.

The holidays are upon us and for many people, whether they’re a hopeless romantic or a skeptic, feelings from the heart seem are more prevalent and have a greater effect on us. It’s as if our hearts swell to three times their normal size and all things become romantic. Let’s face it when it’s cold outside and the snow is falling, what else are we to do?

Whether you are single or taken, here are some special holiday season types of kisses you need to treat yourself, and your partner too this holiday. Rekindle a flame, or spark a new one this holiday season and regardless of how low the mercury falls on the thermometer, you will be nice and warm.

Types of Kisses for the Holidays

Standing Under the Mistletoe Kiss

The most common of the holiday types of kisses are of coarse the mistletoe season only comes around once a year, so why not use it to your advantage? All you have to do is lead your crush under the mistletoe and then once they notice where you are, they can wise up to this golden opportunity.

Chestnuts Roasting Make Out Session

You’ve heard the holiday tunes many times. They are both relaxing and can be romantic. With the cold winter weather outside, turn on some holiday music, curl up with your special someone by the fire and smooch away. You’ll be warm and cozy all night.

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Melt the Snow with a Hot Kiss

You may be freezing – teeth chattering and your lips turning blue – but there is a special feeling being close that certain someone as the new snow lightly falls. The quietness of the scene puts all your attention directly on the person you are about to kiss. Warm-up your lips with a romantic kiss, and then take the activity inside to warm up the rest of your body.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Selfie Kiss

What started out as actual gifts people once exchanged, that has now turned into a traditional party genre, who can go on a holiday season without at least one ugly Christmas sweater party? Take the opportunity to grab a selfie of you and your main squeeze smooching in those funky sweaters. Who knows, maybe it will even make a great Christmas card for next year.

Eggnog Party Make Out

‘Tis the season for holiday parties. With people being festive and cheery, spreading the joy comes in many forms. One of them being cocktails at the party! As things progress and the cocktails continue to flow, the eggnog goggles start making everyone looking much more attractive then you remembered. So before those newfound goggles wear off, why not have some fun with some holiday kissing?

Sneak Away Make Out Session

Going home for the holidays is always great. Being with family is exactly what the holidays are all about, but there comes a point when some alone time is all you need. So why not sneak off to have a simple yet very erotic secret make-out session? It doesn’t have to belong but the intensity will surely get you through until when you can be alone for longer periods of time when you can do much more.

Super Romantic Movie Style Kiss

We’ve all seen them on the silver screen, those kisses were you are on the edge of your seat just waiting for the main couple to finally realize how in love they are and then . . . they finally kiss and your heart melts. Recreate this with your special someone whether in reality or simply using your imagination. Your imagination is powerful and let it run wild with your romantic movie style make-out session.

New Year’s Eve Ball Drop Kiss

Last but definitely not least on our list of types of kisses is one that doesn’t need any explaining.

This kiss has to be on everyone’s list and holiday agenda. It’s very simple and appropriate to start the New Year kissing the one you love. Or maybe it’s a casual date, or maybe just someone you’ve been eyeing up at the party, it doesn’t matter, start the New Year off with a great kiss and happy holidays to you and your family for all us here at Alura Lux!