10 Secret Turn-ons for Women

10 Secret Turn-ons for Women

Turn-ons for women are drastically different than they are for men.

There is no disputing men and women think about sex in different ways. From the frequency of sexual thoughts to what turns them on, the differences can be vast. Alura Lux was developed to help both men and women get in the mood, but we also know there is much more than foreplay that turns a woman on.

Seduction at times can be more like an art form and take on many forms. That is why we have compiled these ten secret turn-ons for women. Some you may already know and use, others may surprise you. The bottom line is when you find the ones which arouse your partner, you will be happy you did as great foreplay always leads to amazing sex!

Secret Turn-ons for Women

Bare it All

First on the list of turn-ons for women is lingerie.

Lingerie is not all about you guys, we like it too. Slipping into some sexy lingerie increases our self-confidence and reinforces how sexy we feel. If you’ve ever noticed the extra twinkle in your woman’s eyes when you talk about lingerie, take a hint. Take this one step further, get your lady some naughty lingerie and instead of handing it to her in the bedroom, slip it to her under the table while at dinner. It increases the naughty factor and starts the mental process of getting in the mood.

Nothing Beats Kissing

Women loved to be kissed, there is no doubting that. So then why are so many men quick with the smooch? There are countless studies that have reported a good kiss tops the turn-on list for most women. Kissing is intimate and tells a woman a lot about her partner. Passionate kissing and caressing your lady starts the arousal process on many levels.

Public Display of Affection (PDA)

Here is a very subtle yet powerful way to turn your woman on, but understand there is a limit so don’t go overboard. Many women will not admit this is a turn-on but in fact, it is because of what it signifies. When you publicly show affection to your lady, in front of her friends, in front of your friends, you are reinforcing your affection for her. In addition, your touch and the looks you give her can tell her you love her without saying it, and through these subtleties, it helps her feel secure in your relationship, another great turn-on for us ladies.

Pamper Her

While sex in the shower may seem like a great idea, instead, have you ever washed your woman’s hair or shaved her legs? We know this may sound strange, but by you serving and pampering her, she is at the center of your attention and this in itself is always a turn-on. Pamper her and make her feel the way she deserves.

Porn Magic

Do women like pornography? Well, they may not openly discuss watching it but we do discreetly like to watch porn if we’re accompanied by our man in bed. This may be a topic you casually bring up to see how your lady responds. As with most things she may not know how much or little it turns her on until you try. So snuggle up in bed with DVDs or OnDemand and see how she gets turned on.

Wine and Sex

Women love their wine. And she will love the fact if her man served her a glass of expensive wine before indulging in a lovemaking session. Did you know that red wine has been linked to higher sexual desire in women? Red wine helps increase a woman’s libido, but too much wine can cause the alcohol to have a negative effect on her sexual arousal and enjoyment of sex.

At Her Service

Giving your woman a massage is a great way to increase your emotional and physical bond. A massage is not only intimate from the continually touching, but it also helps your lady to relax, melt away the stresses of the day and completely fall into the mood of love. The Art of the Erotic Massage is one that will have you both turned on and ready for sex. Take your time and make sure you massage every part of her body.

Maximize Her Pleasure

Just as there are differences in turn-ons for women and men, so too is there a difference in the amount of stimulation needed to reach an orgasm. The majority of women admit intercourse by itself is not enough to climax. Nothing against you guys, but the mechanics of it all just doesn’t always hit the right spots.

To ensure your lady is getting full enjoyment, while you are massaging her, and she is asking you to touch her in places that only her lover will be touching her, resist going straight to sex. Take some Alura Lux, and start stimulating her clitoris and vulva. This will not only push her even closer to the orgasmic edge, but it also continues to keep her needs in front of yours, another turn-on.


Last on our list of turns-on for women is simply food. Using some of these tips you now find yourself having marathon sessions in bed. Good for the two of you, and there is one more way to make it even more interesting. Treat your lady to some lip-smacking food in between your sessions and see how she returns the favour. Don’t worry about the calories, we’re pretty sure you will work them off!