How to Sex Up Christmas

Sex Up Christmas in 9 Ways

Christmas is the time for giving and receiving and that includes how to sex up Christmas!

From shopping for gifts for loved ones to going to and from holiday parties galore, it’s easy to forget about love – as in, making it. You and your partner have been so caught up in the “holiday cheer” that you’ve forgotten about enjoying time with each other.

To help bring the cheer back to your intimacy, we want to give you a little gift from us to you. Well actually it is more like an assignment, but as you will see it will definitely be something both of you will love.

We know the holiday season causes everyone a lot of stress. It is understandable, you will have to go do family stuff, work gatherings and more. But, you must set aside some time to have some sensual holiday fun with your main squeeze.

So to make the assignment to bring the holiday cheer back to your relationship, we have put together some sexy holiday tips. Have fun as you use these and enjoy unwrapping . . . each other. Let’s get started and learn how to sex up Christmas.

How to Sex Up Chrismas

Lose Your Inhibitions

Spike the eggnog and have some fun in the bedroom. You can add brandy, bourbon or rum. Just like wine, the zing in your eggnog will relax you and your partner and maybe even improve bedroom performance with the loss of inhibition.

Sex Up Christmas with Alura Lux Intimacy Cream

Fulfill Each Other’s Fantasies

After your kiss under the mistletoe, you and your partner should try whispering secret fantasies to each other. From wearing costumes in the bedroom to making love in public places, Christmas decorations will have a whole new meaning in your household (that only the two of you know of, that is).

Naughty Stocking Stuffers

Give each other naughty stocking stuffers like edible panties and foreplay dice. Simply slip into your local adult store to pick out that perfect stocking stuffer for your partner. If you don’t want any additional stress of shopping for adult toys, you can always shop online and have them delivered directly to your home, and do not forget to stock up on Alura Lux. The options are unlimited and we are sure you can find plenty of smaller items that will fit perfectly in their stocking. Just make sure not to open them in front of family members.

Hot Sex Coupons

Write out some love coupons and attach them to candy canes. Don’t have the time to make them? Visit your local Barnes and Noble store and pick up the Hot Sex Coupons booklet by Sourcebooks for $5.95. Just make sure the kids don’t see ’em!

Sex for Santa

Reward “Santa” for his hard night’s work with some milk, cookies and Mrs. Claus’s bedroom action. You can even wear sexy Claus outfits if that strikes your fancy!

Present Yourself

Wrap yourself up and be the present, instead of giving one. Find the biggest and longest ribbon at your local gift shop and mummify yourself with it (in a sexy way, of course).

Romantic Getaway

Ditch the family for the holidays for a weekend getaway – they’ll understand. Take advantage of the great last-minute vacation deals out there. While everyone is freezing and stressing over the holidays, you and your beau can be sunning and relaxing under the sun.

Cozy Up

It’s no Christmas without chestnuts roasting over an open fire. If you don’t have a fireplace, make your living room cozy with candles and generate somebody warmth with each other in your cozy living room.

Pop Bottles

Last but not least on our list of how to sex up Christmas is drinking. Drink lots of champagne at holiday parties then go home to or with your lover and have a party of your own. After all, some say that the best aphrodisiac is outside fun with friends and family. Before you and your beloved go to bed, you can talk about the fun you had, laugh in bed, then make some more memories alone.