Are You Having Trouble Reaching Orgasm?

Woman Having Trouble Reaching Orgasm

Are you having problems ‘coming’? This question is usually not one asked of men as most men can climax without much difficulty. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about women. Nearly 1 in 3 women report that they do not always have an orgasm when they have sex. For many women, it leaves them wondering why?

There is a common misconception that for a woman if she does not have an orgasm every time she has sex there is something wrong. Even today with all that we know about the female anatomy, our psychological makeups and the stresses we are under, many people believe that just like men, women should climax every time.

This false truth is a common belief because of books, films and of course internet porn. They all portray an image that all women are ready for sex at a moment’s notice and they always finish with a bang (pun intended).

This inaccuracy leads many women to believe there is something wrong with them when they don’t behave or feel the same way. Thankfully the truth of the matter is what they are seeing and reading is fiction and does not exist. The question comes down to what is normal for women to experience during sex and what can they do to improve their sexual response?

Information is key to understanding and unlocking the door to your sexual satisfaction and orgasmic self. Many factors play into your response, some even before you are actually having sex. Items such as your attitude towards sex, your expectations and your personal beliefs. These factors will sway your feelings, your actions and your overall satisfaction.

Are You Having Difficulty Reaching Orgasm?

Furthermore, there are the actual facts about orgasms, what they are and how to achieve them. While no two women will be stimulated to an orgasm in the exact same way, there are guidelines that you can use to start exploring what works best for you and you can reach orgasm.

Christine Webber and Dr. David Delvin have put together a fantastic article in this very manner. They comprehensively cover the basics and the process of what a woman needs to do to achieve an orgasm. In their article titled “Are you having trouble reaching orgasm? A guide for women” you will learn the facts about female orgasms, the way in which our bodies change as we age, the various types of orgasms we can achieve and what your partner can do to help.

Taking time to read the article will allow you to uncover what you need to change and do so that you can reach and enjoy orgasms as frequently as you desire.

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