Have 200% More Fun in Bed Tonight

Have 200 Percent More Fun in Bed Tonight

Routines are in all areas of our lives. Our morning routine, our work routine, homework routine with the kids and yes every our sex routine. While routines are great in most areas of our lives, following the same-sex routine, play by play every time can and does become boring, robotic and lacks passion.

As you may know, Alura Lux was developed to improve both a woman’s libido and sexual response. Immediate increases in frequency and duration of orgasms are experienced by most women. Having both parties climax is great, there still can be an heir of routine, especially when it comes to foreplay.

For that reason, we have scoured our information, spoken to some sex therapists and complied six great sex games that you can start using tonight. You most likely will not use all six games at once they do have a common thread and that is they concentrate on the journey, not just the deed of having sex. They all make the final act of having sex extra fun and pleasurable.

Enjoy these games and more importantly break your routine and enjoy each other even more.

Game Number 1: Time Bomb

Requirements: A clock or some form of timer.

Rules of the Game: You and your partner pick a time interval. Typical intervals range from 10 to 20 minutes. After you have agreed to an interval, you start the timer and you cannot have penetration until the timer has expired.

Why Play the Game? Busy schedules, busy lives leave minimal amounts of time for foreplay. Of all the things that we do prior to and during sex, foreplay is the first to become routine if not non-existent. “Time Bomb” makes you refocus on the pregame show, the part of the sex that used to be fun, arousing, and exciting before marriage, career and kids. Slowing things down, being more sensual, more caressing will work wonders for both of your arousal. Add in some Alura Lux and you will continue to get heated up until the moment the timer goes off and you both are ready!

Game Number 2: Blind Man (or Woman) in the Buff

Requirements: Anything to blindfold an individual, a scarf, necktie or blindfold.

Rules of the Game: The title of the game pretty much explains it all. One person is blindfolded then lead to the bed. The other person then proceeds to “have their way with them.” That can be in any form, slowly, recklessly, teasingly whichever way you choose. The key here is to use your partner’s arousal as your guide as to what they like.

Why Play the Game? When you not able to see during sex you have to rely on other senses. This immediately increases both your sensitivity and psychological vulnerability. Both factors are powerful aphrodisiacs and together can create a preverbal love explosion.

Variation: To vary this game is quite simple. Play one time with one partner blindfolded, then reverse roles.

Game Number 3: You are My Prisoner

Requirements: Simple restraints such as four men’s neckties or even more elaborate restraints sold from a sex-toy store, and a bed preferably with bedposts.

How to Have Better Sex Today

Rules of the Game: Very simple game to play as one partner is restrained to the bed with all four limbs restricted from movement, while the other partner has their way with them.

Why Play the Game? Similar to Blind Man in the Buff, this game forces you to relinquish any control, only this time you can see what is coming and about to happen, you just can’t do anything about it. Many couples have shared they were reluctant to play this game at first, but then once they did, it became one of their favourite games.

They found this game extremely erotic as the person who is restrained is completely powerless while at the center of the other person’s attention and has no responsibility or power over what happens.

Variation: If you do not have a bed with bedposts you can be creative on how you retrain each other. You may be able to use other parts of your bed for restraining, or you can tie your hands behind your head or back. Be creative. Some people will also combine this game with Blind Man in the Buff, but that is solely up to you.

Game Number 4: Bad Girl (or Boy)

Requirements: A hairbrush, riding crop or nothing at all

Rules of the Game: While one person is kneeling on the bed, they are spilling the beans on all the things they didn’t do that day (these are not serious things but you are role-playing, so in this case, if you forgot the check-out girl’s name at your local store, that may be a bad thing). As you are sharing how bad you were throughout the day, your partner is spanking you.

Why Play the Game? Contrary to belief spanking actually feels good. A smart (not too hard) smack on the butt creates a tingly, alert sensation that combines well with the other feelings of sex. The sensation from being spanked acts as a form of arousal.

Game Number 5: Beach Blank Bingo

Requirements: A large beach towel or a blanket with a bottle of massage cream or oil.

Rules of the Game: Spread your towel or blanket on your bed or the carpet. Then sensually lube each other up, getting legs, torso, chest, all skin. Then once you are both greased up, go to it. Start with hugging and caressing each other and see what happens next.

Why Play the Game? There is a surprising difference in sensation and feeling the lubricant makes in the feeling of skin on skin. While this game may be a little messy it fun and worth it. As an added bonus after you are done having sex, you can take a nice romantic shower together further extending your intimacy.

Words of Advice and Warning: Be very mindful of the lubricant that you are using. Do not put any lubricant that has mint or eucalyptus on sensitive genital areas, this will kill the mood immediately. Also, this game should not be played if you are using condoms or a diaphragm. The oil-based lubricants, including massage oil, will degrade the latex, causing potential breakage.

Game Number 6: Twister

Requirements: A car and parking spot where you won’t be interrupted. Your driveway or your garage late at night are always possibilities.

Rules of the Game: Have sex in the car. It may sound simple, but the act of having sex in the car will make you change up not only your routine but your positions.

Why Play the Game? For some it’s a blast from the past, but mostly because is it not your bedroom. Changing your environment and throwing in the possibility of even getting caught amps up the excitement and the sensations.

Have fun with your sex life and your partner. Any one of these games will help to change your routine and improve the level of fun and satisfaction with sex. In all of these games, don’t forget to have your bottle of Alura Lux to ensure that you are getting the absolute most out of your sexual experience!

As always we appreciate all your comments and emails and don’t forget to share this with your friends so they too can have more fun in bed tonight!