Arousing a Woman by Caressing Her Erogenous Zones

Arousing a Woman with 10 Sensual and Intimate Tips

The mystery of arousing a woman can be both a turn-on and confusing to many men. Similar to our hearts, we are all different, and even for the most experienced of lovers, understanding what it takes to win our hearts and turn us on can be difficult.

There is no doubt we all love to touch, be caressed, and be the center of your attention. How and where this happens though is as unique as we are. While foreplay is a must, where our lovers spend their time makes all the difference between us having an orgasmic, sexually satisfying night of passion, or simply just having sex. To help women enjoy themselves more, and to assist guys in knowing just the right places to touch and caress, we have put together this simple list of 10 erogenous zones to caress to sexually arouse a woman. Enjoy!

10 Tips for Sensually Arousing a Woman

Our Lips

In many cultures where kissing is seen regularly, the sensuality of the kiss, the mouth, and our lips may get discounted for just how much it turns us on. There are many things you can do with your lips other than just kiss them. While nothing replaces a passionate kiss, before going in for the kiss here are some things you can do to increase the sensuality of the kiss.

As you approach her, gently and lightly brush her lips with yours. As you do this you will entice her to open her mouth wider. Then gingerly trace her upper and lower lips with your tongue. Then if you like you can gently bite her bottom lip to change the sensation just before you kiss her.

Reach for Our Wrists

The inside of our wrists is covered with an extremely fine layer of skin which makes the area extremely sensitive to touch.

When you are holding your lady’s hand, use the opportunity to turn it over and expose her wrist. Then lightly blow or caress her it. Most likely she will giggle as this may at first seem ticklish, but trust us when we say it, continue to stroke the area to continue to excite her.



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Whisper Sweet Nothings

It has been proven through research men become more excited by visual stimuli.

For us ladies, we are much more stimulated by auditory or psychological stimulation. In addition to this, our orgasms are more entwined with our brains and thoughts than men. So, with this knowledge to get your lady in the mood start by whispering sweet nothings in her ear.

While you are there starting the arousal process, don’t miss the chance to use your lips to trace her earlobes in an ever-so-gentle feathery pattern. Continue telling her your sexual secrets and as she responds, start nibbling on her earlobe.

The Nape of Our Neck

The nape of our necks is one of the most erogenous zones on our body that we can have access to without having to remove any clothing. The skin on our neck and throat is tender and can be stimulated simply through warm breath.

To make a more definite approach during foreplay, focus on the back of her neck with kisses and tracing simple patterns with your tongue. Remember to keep the touch light enough to be teasing but not too much to produce a tickling sensation.

If you want to start the romance off right, give her an erotic massage starting with her neck. This will relieve stress and tension and allow her to melt into the mood.

Play Footsie

Many men discount the sensations we feel when our feet and ankles are rubbed. Why do you think we love pedicures so much?

While caressing her, trace out the contours of her foot and ankle with your fingers. As she starts to relax and get more comfortable start with a gentle foot massage. Spend time massaging her entire foot, her toes, and her calves.

Reflexology shows how you can stimulate different parts of the body through your feet, and massaging her feet will not only relax her, but it will also stimulate parts of her body you will undoubtedly spend more time stimulating later that evening.

The Knees Have It

Men see them all the time, yet rarely do they realize how sensitive our knees are.

The backs of our knees have hundreds of nerve endings and are extremely sensitive to touch. After you have finished massaging her feet and calves, work your way up to her knees. Start again with light touches of your fingers, then a gentle massage. You can even start kissing the area, however, be aware of what her body tells you. If she starts to become uncomfortable, stop the kissing and move on to the next area or arousal.

Our Inner Thighs

This is an extremely sensitive area and one that is the most overlooked area for how to arouse a woman.

For many reasons most men just give our inner thighs a cursory stroke on the way to our clitoris. For her pleasure, do not skip her inner thighs. Take your time and use long, airy strokes with your fingertips, then progress to trace the same pattern with your tongue. Be sure to use variations in pressure or alternate caressing with light kisses.

We Like Our Butt Too

We know men look at and like our butts, and we work hard to make them look as great as they do. So when it comes time for caressing our bodies don’t forget our butts. This is a very erogenous zone on our bodies and caressing, fondling, and squeezing our butts adds to our arousal.

As you move from her inner thighs to her butt, start off with light touches then alternate with some squeezing. Remember the muscle mass is denser and can handle more pressure in your squeezing than on other parts of her body.

Please Caress our Breasts

Just like our butts, we know men are mesmerized by our breasts. When it comes to foreplay this is one of the most obvious hotspots of our bodies.

When you do start to caress and kiss our breasts, resist the urge to go directly for the nipples. As you can tell we enjoy the anticipation, so build up the momentum by gently stroking or caressing down the collarbone or upwards from the ribs.

Use semi-circular strokes in the same direction as you come nearer the breasts. Besides gently squeezing and fondling the breasts with your hands, use your tongue or your teeth to nibble on her nipples, again paying close attention to her body language for what she likes most.

Our Obvious Hot Spot

There is no question in this woman’s mind if you have already caressed, massaged, and kissed all the areas above she will be more than ready and willing for you to stimulate her clitoris. Even though you may have aroused her to the brink of orgasm, always remember how sensitive her clitoris is.

Make sure before stimulating her clitoris that it is well lubricated either naturally or with Alura Lux. Another major erogenous zone that can send her over the top is her G-spot. For more information on clitoral stimulation read Clitoral Stimulation for Her Sexual Pleasure and Where is My G-Spot.

Through all these erogenous zones you have used to arouse a woman and help her orgasm, remember every woman is different and as we mature, our likes and dislikes will change too. Always be open to her body language and discuss with her outside the bedroom what she loves best.