Why can two people on the exact same diet get completely different results? How frustrating is it to read review after review of successful weight loss stories, only to buy a diet plan and then have ZERO results? Is it the diet or is it the way your body is reacting to the diet? Obviously, it's how your body is reacting to the diet and, just pushing through isn't the best answer, especially if you aren't getting the results you want. This is what the 28-Day Keto Challenge can help you with. Not only is it a Keto Diet plan, but it's also everything else! The 28-day Keto Challenge sets you up for success as you learn the basics of what Ketosis is, understand the pitfalls, how to anticipate them and, ultimately how to overcome them. The Keto diet is so much more than just a quick weight loss. It's a lifestyle update and one that you can make starting today to achieve the weight you desire. Whether it's 5-, 10, 25, 50-pounds or more, the 28-Day Keto Challenge can help you be successful. Start your 28-Day Keto Challenge today!