How to Properly Choose Skincare Products

Choose Skincare Products Cost-Effectively with Great Results

Our skin is our largest organ and we need to be diligent to choose skincare products correctly. This justifies why we should give as much attention to it as we do. As our skin will absorb up to 60% of what we put on it, we must be diligent in ensuring we are using the correct products for our skin.

We know that beauty is only skin deep and our true beauty is who we are, but that doesn’t negate the desire we have for a beautiful, flawless complexion. One we enjoy showing off to the entire world.

How to Choose Skincare Products Correctly

Our desire to have flawless skin has created a trillion-dollar industry in providing us with what we need to look our best. Just from a sheer quantity of products, it can be confusing when shopping at our local store or online for what we should buy. What works, what doesn’t, what is over-priced, which one should I get for my skin type, and the list of questions continues.

The confusion we face as we shop for our skincare products can force us to make mistakes that can do more than just waste our money. Using the wrong products on our skin can irritate and make our skin look worse. We have also had clients tell us their confusion has to lead them to continue using what they have, even though they know the products are not well suited for their skin anymore.

With that in mind, let’s clear our minds of the confusion and get down to the basics you need to know so you can successfully buy the skincare products that are best suited for you.

Follow Your Budget

First, on our list of how to properly choose skincare products, ee know that this sounds obvious, but all too often clients come to us after they have purchased products because they were “cheap”. Once they got them home and started using them, they quickly realized why they were budget-friendly as the product does not work.

To keep prices down on skincare products companies have to save money themselves on the ingredients. This means there could actually be ingredients in the products that are harmful to your skin. Educating yourself on the products will allow you to choose a product that properly fits within your budget as well as performs as required.

Choose Skincare Products Properly with Skindulgence

Skin Type

Next to the budget, your skin type will be the biggest factor in your purchase. Having the wrong skincare product for your skin type again can cause more problems than fix. Understand your skin type and know what type of skin you have prior to shopping.

Do not resort to the ‘I have sensitive skin” mantra unless you truly do. Using the wrong products on your skin will irritate and cause it to seem sensitive. By understanding your skin type you will avoid these troubles.

Skin Conditions

We know that you want to have beautiful flawless skin, we all do, but it is a combination of many things. Conditions such as evenness of skin coloration, dull skin, facial pore size and fine lines all play part in the look of your skin. Choose skincare products based on the skin condition will allow for more effective treatment of the condition.

For instance, having a high-quality moisturizer is an essential part of any skincare routine. Thinking this will help to eliminate wrinkles is not going to happen.

Point is, knowing what you are targeting will lead to the best product for the task. You will then get the desired result as well as helping the first item we discussed, your budget. Not wasting money on ineffective products will save you money and that is something that we all like to do.

Age Affects Skin

Last on our list of tips for how to choose skincare products, is understanding the changes our skin has gone through as we have aged. Just as we mature in the clothes that we buy, so too should the skincare products we use. Our skin changes as we age and things like collagen production decrease. This simple fact will lead to us having fine lines and wrinkles.

As our skin changes, we can and should continue to keep it as healthy as we can. Doing this through age-appropriate products will accomplish the task. Gone will be the acne washes (you’d be surprised how many of our clients still use them into their 50’s) and it will be pH-balanced cleaners and retinol-based products.

Using these guidelines for your next skincare purchase, you will be able to get the right product that not only fits your budget but allows your inner beauty to shine through!

As always we enjoy all your comments. Share with us and our readers some of your skincare buying tips, and as always don’t forget to share this information with your friends.