Why NHT Global?

What does it take to be successful in business? Is it the products, the company, the industry or a balance of all three? Very often you will hear companies hype their latest products or where they think they will be in 5 to 10 years, but just as often, those same companies fade away without delivering on their promises.

When you look at a company like NHT Global, you get a glimpse of a true leader. A company that has thrived since 2001 and continues to grow at a record setting pace.

What makes NHT Global so special and Why NHT Global are questions that are asked on a regular basis to the leaders that continue to build this amazing company and business opportunity. Network marketing industry leaders are consistently looking at NHT Global as their long-term home because they know NHT Global has all the aspects in place for long-term success.

Listen to what the founding distributor, Dan Catto has to say about NHT Global and how he answers the question Why NHT Global? With more than 25 years experience in the network marketing industry, Dan has seen and done it all.

Through this video about Why NHT Global, Dan not only compares NHT Global to other traditional businesses but also compares NHT Global against it’s peers. Outlining facts about how NHT Global has continued to grow year after year, developing and pioneering new markets as well as promoting and coaching new leaders on a global basis.

From a vision that started in 2001 to create a global, seamless e-commerce business to the reality of Global Ambassadors and business in more than 50 markets, NHT Global continues to provide a solid and successful business opportunity to anyone with the desire for change.

Sit back and enjoy what Dan Catto has to say about a company, a lifestyle and family called NHT Global has done for him and countless others globally!

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