Billion Dollar Toronto Business Expansion

Massive Business Expansion in Toronto

Billion Dollar US Company Expanding in Toronto

Billion Dollar Business Opportunity in Toronto

Toronto is the business and financial capital of Canada. With more than $286 billion dollars coming directly from the City of Toronto, it is no wonder why major corporations want to be located in Toronto. For this same reason when a major company has massive expansion plans for Canada's largest city, excitement spreads for those that want to take advantage of the expansion.

Our company has been in existence since January 22, 2001 with Toronto playing a major role in the globalization plan of our billion dollar company. For more than 11 years our company has been growing at a record pace, in spite of the Canadian and US economies slowing.

To date we have had over $1.5 billion in revenues, and from our last quarter we experienced a 30% gain over the previous quarter. This continuous growth will offer an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurial minded individuals living in Toronto.

Our top international business developers and leaders are located in the Toronto area. Their experience and knowledge has offered our company immense experience, growth and expansion. However due to the rapid growth rate of our business, our company is seeking motivated, goal oriented entrepreneurs to join the leadership team.

These success-minded entrepreneurs would have the opportunity to expand our global business further, both in Toronto, in Canada and internationally. Through our simple marketing plan partnered with a seamless global business model, it is possible to generate incomes once thought only available to CEO's and presidents of companies. Through the mentoring and team environment, it is possible to generate full-time incomes within 60-90 days, and 6 and 7 figure incomes within 2 to 3 years.

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Global MLM Opportuntiy with Engineered Lifestyles in Toronto

A successful and thriving business, Engineered Lifestyles is changing lives on a global basis. Utilizing a proven e-commerce business model, the growth of this opportunity is quicker than most start-ups yet has the stability of an 11 year old company.

Launching into new markets on a quarterly basis, leaders are needed to build this opportunity. Working side-by-side with industry leaders will allow you to develop new business in emerging as well established markets. Your compensation has no limits. No pay ceilings, no restriction, just continued growth!

Make Money with Engineered Lifestyles Proven Systems in Toronto

Build your income and net worth using this lucrative and proven business model. Learn how to generate a growing income regardless of economy or geography. With an 11 year history you have the advantage of utilizing our experience to better your life in the areas. No hype, just facts and proven results.

Working with Engineered Lifestyles allows you to set your goals, set your hours, then work a customized plan to achieve. With a global infrastructure there is no place that you can't go. You are only limited by the size of your dream! To get more information, attend one of our three options for the Business Webinars.

Work from Home in Toronto with Engineered Lifestyles

Cutting edge, trend specific and high demand products are required for success. Exactly how our customers describe our life changing products. You the entrepreneur understand the importance and power of a loyal and growing customer base.

As part of our revolutionary business model, these high demand health and wellness products allow you to generate a substantial income. Our e-commerce business model allows you to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, delivering what your loyal customers want. All seamlessly and globally!

Global Leadership with Engineered Lifestyles in Toronto

The commitment for continuous learning and personal growth has proven to be a successful formula. Having a leadership core that has been in existence since our company's inception, we have built this billion dollar business on the foundation of teamwork, growing together on a global basis.

You are a leader who wants to surround yourself with the best. Working together to increase market share, revenues, profits and be part of the development of tomorrow's leaders. Grab hold of this opportunity to surround yourself with the best in the industry.

For those who took action globally, see what they are saying . . .
  • "This opportunity has continued to support my plan for my lifestyle which I have set out to create. Since 2006 my dedication to this opportunity has paid off in so many fulfilling ways. My personal growth alone is priceless and I continue to work on my personal goals daily!"

    Jamie Messina, Niagara Falls, Canada

  • "I knew with all my heart, this industry and business model was going to be the vehicle of my dreams. I was so right. This business model is changing the lives of people globally...dreams do come true!"

    Joe Garcia, Oakville, Canada

  • "After running a successful traditional business for 23 years, I often questioned my desire to remain in the industry that I was involved with. Today because of this business I never have to concern myself with legal issues, overhead or staffing and am now able to work from the comfort of my home and continue to build my dreams and goals."

    Patrick Tulloch, Toronto, Canada

  • "Joined this opportunity in 2002 and have learn so many valuable lessons on planning for not only my retirement but how to live my life. My peronsal freedoms have never been greater and continue to improve each and every day. I now have the freedom to travel the world never having to worry about vacation time and how to spend it with my family!"

    Garth Wright, Prague, Czech Republic

  • "My personal economics continue to improve and I love it. From business lessons to the circle of entrepreneurs I have surrounded myself with, there isn't a limit to the growth I am seeing peronsally and professionally. Since I opened my eyes to so many opportunities, I have not stopped seeing the potential which exists around each and everyone of us."

    Dan Catto, Toronto, Canada

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