Skeptical of MLM

Are You Skeptical of MLM?

Create Your Opinion on MLM from Facts, Not Hype

Why People Are Skeptical of MLM

There are thousands of MLM opportunities that exist today with new ones being created almost every single day. The fact that there are so many new MLM opportunities being promoted by itself can lead one to be skeptical of MLM.

Skeptical of MLM

It can seem like everywhere you turn there is a new MLM opportunity being promoted as the newest, the greatest, and the most lucrative of opportunities. The over-hype can make one think that this must be too good to be true. Anytime that thought runs through a person's mind, being skeptical is the natural defence mechanism.

Let's break down in very simple terms the MLM industry and look to cut through the hype, alleviate the fear, and see the MLM industry and all the MLM opportunities for what they really are.

Let's start with the most common question and most common response for and MLM opportunity. What is MLM? If the answer you hear back, or the answer that you think sounds something along the lines of "Is it one of those pyramid things?" it's no wonder that you are skeptical of the MLM industry.

Who wouldn't be skeptical of something if you thought that it was a scheme and something that you were going to get hurt with. The thoughts of losing money and time not only make people fearful, it makes them angry that they are even being approached about a MLM opportunity.

Furthermore, the feelings that one may have about the MLM industry may also stem from experience. The experience of starting an MLM opportunity with great intentions, but not seeing the results desired. These two reasons alone are enough to fuel the fire of skepticism about MLM, and leave people with the opinion that MLM does not work.

They could not be further from the truth.

Let's start by discussing the MLM industry as a whole. The network marketing or MLM industry has been around since the late 1940's. While it has had many challenges getting its footing over the years, the one thing that has remained consistent for the MLM industry is the continuous growth and expansion.

There has been a continuous increase in the number of businesses starting with a MLM business model. The MLM business model allows companies many advantages over traditional businesses and due to these advantages, more and more companies, some that even started out as traditional businesses are turning to MLM to further grow their business and market share. Increase in market share, breaking into new countries and loyalty of customers are just a few of the huge advantages an MLM business model allows companies.

With success comes more success, and as more and more companies are growing rapidly with a MLM business model, there are more new start-ups implementing MLM business models than ever before. New MLM opportunities are popping up in the thousands year after year. While the MLM industry is highly competitive and difficult at times to establish yourself, it does allow for quicker product to market turn-arounds, development of customer base and most importantly, generating a profit.

Looking at the MLM business model from a simple corporate point of view, the MLM business model works. Corporate leaders are not going to launch a company, or change a successful company's business procedures based on hype, or gimmicks, they are going to use hard facts.

With facts in mind, we will not look at the MLM industry closer to home. What is the very first thing that individuals say when they see the shape of an MLM compensation plan? It looks like a pyramid. That thought, that statement leads to the inevitable . . . it must be a pyramid scheme.

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