Building Confidence in MLM

How to Be Successful in Your MLM Opportunity

You have done your due diligence, you have compared MLM opportunities based on many criteria and you have now taken action and you joined an MLM business opportunity. Good for you, you are now a business owner and an entrepreneur.

How to Build Confidence in MLM

Regardless if this is your very first MLM business opportunity or your 10th, the bottom line is that you want to be successful and you want to make money. Because of this reason you choose an MLM opportunity that was very thorough and well versed in training new distributors.

You want to be sure that you learn the skills that will make you successful in the MLM industry as well as your MLM opportunity. You will follow the lead of your sponsor and the leaders in the field and use the recruiting and sponsoring systems that are in place.

But something happens, and it happens to more people than you think. They follow the systems, they follow the scripts, they do exactly what their upline teaches them to do, yet they don’t have any success. Why is this? What are they doing wrong? Maybe you have already experienced this and are confused and frustrated that it’s happening to you.

One word describes it all, and that is confidence. You must have confidence in MLM to be successful. The big question becomes how do you have confidence when you aren’t having any success?

The answer to that question is in two parts.

Building Your Confidence in MLM

The first part of the answer is contained in the systems that you are using to build your MLM organization. These are the systems that your upline will have instructed you on how to use.

Included in these MLM organization building systems will unquestionably have scripts to follow. Find comfort that all successful people in the MLM industry have at one time or another used scripts. Remember, everyone had to start from the ground up.

The difference between those that use scripts successfully and those that just use scripts is how naturally they use them. There is a huge difference between using the script and reading the script.

When you use a script, the words, the sentences the tone of the script flows naturally. Your prospect will hear this, and if done correctly will be more accepting of the questions that you are asking and more interested in the information that you are willing to share.

If you just simply read the script, you will come across robotic, emotionless and cold. This harsh delivery will most likely make your prospect put up their defences, and simply wait for the first pause in your reading to say NO.

To be a success in MLM prospecting you obviously want to be able to naturally deliver the script and will continue to increase as you build your confidence in MLM. This starts with knowing the script, and not having to read it word by word.

To accomplish this without any pressure, you can practise with your sponsor or even a family member. It may sound strange, but remember that to get good at anything, practice makes perfect. This applies to using scripts too.

The second part comes from your confidence. This confidence is not based on your MLM opportunity, or the products or even your upline. Your confidence stems from your belief in yourself, that you will be successful.

You must believe that you will be successful. Let’s repeat that so you read it again, you will be successful. If you believe anything else, you will have confidence issues in any MLM opportunity that you are in.

That confidence that you have in yourself allows you to communicate effectively. It allows you to get past the script so that you can understand what your prospect’s hot buttons are. Confidence also:

  • Confidence instills trust
  • Confidence is attractive
  • Confidence motivates people to take action
  • Confidence overcomes objections and fear

Remember that any business is a people business. This is obviously a huge part of any MLM business and when you are speaking to new prospect’s your confidence will enable you to build rapport.

When you have confidence it becomes more about how you are saying the scripts, how you are making presentations than what you are saying. This is the key to unlocking the power of the systems that you will be taught in your MLM business opportunity.

So what if you do not have the confidence needed to be successful in your MLM business opportunity? What do you do? Simply ask for help! Do not let your ego get in your way of getting help. Any good sponsor will be grateful that you are asking for help as the more successful you are, the more successful they will be.

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