Lychee Fruit Nutritional Information

Lychee Fruit Nutritional Health Benefits

Even though it is a very small fruit, there are many health benefits based on lychee fruit nutritional values.

Based on reports from the USDA Nutrient Database, talking only about the edible portion of lychee fruit (no shell or seeds), 1 cup of lychee fruit contains 125 calories, 1.58 g of protein, insignificant traces of fat, and 31.4 g of carbohydrates. Most of the carbohydrates are from the sugar in the lychee itself. In addition to this, there is also 2.5 g of fibre in the 1 cup of lychee. This is 10 percent of the recommended daily value of dietary fibre.

Dietary fibre is well known for supporting digestive health such as promoting bowel movement regularity*.

Vitamins Contained in Lychee Fruit

Lychee Fruit Nutritional Information

You would be missing the point if you did not consider the number of essential vitamins when investigating lychee fruit nutritional values.

There is more than one place to get your recommended daily intake of vitamin C. While also containing B vitamins B2 and B6, vitamins E and K, lychees are a significant source of vitamin C. Consuming just 1 cup of lychee fruit would provide you with 135 mg of vitamin C. That is 226 percent of the daily recommended value.

If you compare that to 1 cup of orange slices, it is a significant difference. The 1 cup of oranges contains only 95.8 mg of vitamin C or 160 percent of the recommended daily value. That’s a 91 percent difference or 39.2 mg more vitamin C than you receive in 1 cup of lychee fruit versus 1 cup of oranges.

In addition to supporting healthy skin, tissues and bones, having proper amounts of vitamin C in your body is essential to supporting healthy immune system function.*

Minerals Found in Lychee Fruit

Our bodies are comprised of trillions of cells, as it is our cells that make up our tissues, bones, blood, muscles teeth and nerves. Having healthy cells is of course key to long lasting health. To keep our cells healthy, having the proper minerals present in our diet is essential to cellular health.*

There is a variety of essential minerals found in lychee fruit. Minerals such as copper, sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, selenium, iron and manganese can all be found in lychee fruit. Just as with the vitamins, lychee contains more minerals than others. For instance, lychee is most abundant in copper, providing 14 percent of the daily recommended value from 1 cup of lychee fruit, to others like sodium where there is merely a trace.

Lychee Fruit Nutritional Value and Trifusion Max

Antioxidants Found in Lychee Fruit

Antioxidants helpt to protect our cells from free radicals.* While lychee fruit is small in size packs a large number of antioxidant compounds called polyphenols. Our bodies use polyphenols to support many healthy functions, from healthy wealthy weight management to digestive and cardiovascular systems.*

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