How to Test for Ketotis

Am I in Ketosis? How to Test for Ketosis

When you start the keto diet, the magic of the diet happens when your body is in a state of ketosis. So how do you know when you’re body is in that state?

Testing for Ketosis

There ís a saying that goes, “What gets measured, gets managed.”

This definitely applies when you’re going on or currently living a ketogenic diet. The whole goal of the diet is to reach a state of ketosis where the body is burning ketones for fuel instead of glucose.

In this stage, miracles occur. You’ll lose weight fast, feel more energetic, and derive all the other benefits of the keto diet. It’s helpful to monitor if you’re in a state of ketosis. Some people track their progress daily, while those who are experienced may check once a week or so.

When you’re starting out on a keto diet, it’s ideal to check daily. Even consuming slightly more carbohydrates can throw you off ketosis and you’ll need to remedy the problem. By tracking your ketones, you’ll be able to fix any issues much faster.

How to Test for Ketosis
How to Test for Ketosis

Ketone Urine Test Strips

This is probably the most inexpensive method of the lot. The downside is that it can be inaccurate and can give false readings depending on the hydration levels in your body and if you’re using ketone supplements, etc.

You can purchase these urine strips from most chemists or pharmacies. All you need to do is either pee in a container and dip the strip in the pee or just pee on the strip directly.

You’ll then wait for about 20 to 30 seconds to see the color of the strip. Match it against the color table provided on the label and see if youíre in ketosis.

Ketone Blood Test

Blood ketone meters are similar to the test kits that are used by diabetes patients to test their blood glucose levels. To use it, you’ll need to prick your finger using the lancet and let the machine detect if you’re in ketosis.

You’ll be aiming for a reading thatís in the range of 0.5 to 3. The downside to using a blood test is that you’ll need to keep pricking yourself once a day. People who are afraid of blood or pain will not be too keen on this method. Over and above that, you’ll need to buy the equipment for testing.

Ketonix Devices

Ketonix ( is a brand name for breath ketone analyzers and is a very popular brand. Thousands of people own these breathalyzers to test if theyíre in ketosis.

These are simple enough to use. All you need to do is blow into the device. This is similar to the device used by the police to test if drivers have been drunk driving. The device will measure the acetone in your breath and determine if you’re in ketosis.

While this is more reliable than the urine strips, it is less reliable than the blood ketone meters.

Your Body’s Signs You’re in Ketosis

If you do not wish to use any strips or devices to check for ketosis, you can look out for the usual signs that your body gives off when itís in ketosis. While not highly accurate, you’ll have a rough idea that you’re in ketosis.

If you suddenly feel like you have increased energy, mental clarity, less hunger, a strong sweet smell, bad breath, and weight loss, you’re probably in ketosis.

Keep doing what you’re doing and stick to the principles of the keto diet. That’s all there is to it.