Jamie Messina | Founder of Engineered Lifestyles

Working with Jamie Messina and Engineered Lifestyles

Jamie Messina | Founder of Engineered Lifestyles

Being an engineer in the automotive industry had been a dream from childhood for Jamie Messina. Working the typical 40-year plan, Jamie was diligent at completing college top of his class and armed with the formal education that would allow him to achieve greatness. Jamie’s education coupled with his personal drive allowed him to quickly secure what he so coveted, an engineering position in the Automotive Industry. Right where he wanted to be.

His continued diligence worked well for Jamie. As the days turned into months and then into years, he became a very successful and accomplished engineer. Working up the Corporate ladder with promotions and added responsibilities, Jamie was respected by both colleagues and customers like Ford Motor Company. Jamie was on his way to living out his life-long dream, or was he? There was something missing, something forgotten in the 40-year plan.

Creating Time Freedom

The demands of Jamie’s schedule did not allow him the time freedom to enjoy what he had worked so hard for. Solving problems and leading teams came natural, but it was not benefiting him personally as it was only benefiting the company he worked for. Understanding a change was required, Jamie made the shift. The shift from being an employee and achieving the corporate goals, to an entrepreneur and achieving his personal goals.

Engineered Lifestyles was born from this shift, and the same leadership skills that Jamie used to solve complex problems and lead multi-disciplined teams is now used for a much more personal and rewarding objective.

Helping Others Achieve Their Dreams

Through Engineered Lifestyles Jamie now uses those same leadership abilities to solve problems and direct his global organization. Gone are the days of meeting corporate goals. Now Jamie spends his time working with people who know they want more and are capable of more. Helping them to achieve their goals – personal, health and financial! Helping them to engineer the lifestyle of their dreams!

How to Work with Jamie Messina

Since 2006 Jamie has worked with new and experienced entrepreneurs as they build their personal freedoms. For those who are just starting out on their entrepreneurship journey it can be both intimidating and confusing. This is where Jamie and Engineered Lifestyles can help. To remove the confusion, to help develop a personal plan and to work with you as you put the plan into action.

This is not an overnight process but one that if you are committed to can change your life. The first step is to accept a change is needed. If you are on this site you most likely are ready to make that change. The second step is reach out and setup an appointment to get started. To do this simply fill-out the contact us form. We will get back to you within 24 hours to setup and live one-on-one conversation to understand what and how we can help you.

If you want change in your life, you need to take the first step and be that change. We look forward to hearing from you soon.