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Glutathione Supplements

There is a lot of talk today about the importance of antioxidants and their benefits to our health. One of the most powerful antioxidants is one that naturally exists in our cells. Glutathione is the body's master antioxidant and every red blood cell has a certain level of glutathione.

The level of glutathione in your body is important as it is called on regularly to combat the negative effects of free radicals. There are many glutathione supplements on the market and understanding what glutathione is and how it is produced by our bodies will allow you to make an educated decision when purchasing a glutathione supplement.

Glutathione is a tripeptide protein stored in the liver and consists of three amino acids. In order for our bodies to synthesis glutathione, the amino acids or pre-cursors must be present. Specifically these amino acids are glutamate, cysteine and glycine and by increasing their presence in our bodies, we can safely and effectively boost the level of glutathione.

Oral Glutathione Supplements

It would seem that the easiest way to increase the level of glutathione in your body would be to take an oral glutathione supplement. However research has shown that this is actually one of the least effective ways to increase the level of glutathione in your blood. The main reason for this is that the digestive system of the human body and the glutathione is digested prior to reaching the blood stream.

When an oral glutathione supplement is taken, the digestive system breaks down the glutathione into it's three amino acids. The digestive tract has enzymes that break apart the glutathione and release the amino acids, breaking the peptide bond and essentially absorbing the amino acids individually. This individual absorption rate, nullifies the purpose of the oral supplement, and glutathione is not produced.

Research has shown that a much more effective way is by increasing the levels of the pre-cursors to glutathione first, then allowing the body to naturally produce glutathione. Triotein continues to be one of the best natural ways to increase the levels of the pre-cursors in the human body.*

Pre-Cursors to Glutathione Production

Multiple studies have been conducted to determine the best way to boost levels of glutathione in the blood stream. As mentioned earlier, taking an oral glutathione supplement has little effect on the levels of glutathione. What proved to be most effective was increasing a person's intake of the pre-cursors of glutathione?

Increasing the levels of cysteine, glutamine and glycine lead to a significant increase in the level of glutathione in the blood. Protecting the amino acids from the enzymes in the digestive tract was what is required so that the pre-cursors can be synthesised properly by the body and produce glutathione.

The best way to ensure the amino acids are delivered properly is through a undernatured whey protein. The whey protein is the proper vehicle for delivering the amino acids into the body, getting through the digestive system intact and allowing for glutathione production.

Consuming Triotein on a daily basis can increase the level of glutathione in conjuction with eating certain foods and increase specific vitamin intakes. Foods such avacados, broccoli, Indian curry spice showed gains in glutathione production. Also increasing vitamin C and vitamin B6 helped the synthesis of glutathione.*

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