Facts about Glutathione and Triotein

What do glutathione and Triotein have to do with our bodies and more importantly our health?

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells. To protect our trillions of cells our bodies have a master antioxidantglutathione. At birth, our glutathione levels are very high. Then as we age, our levels of glutathione are diminished. We live in a very toxic environment, everything from smog and pollution to colds and flu, our bodies are in a constant battle to maintain our health. It is through this maintenance of our health that our levels of glutathione deplete.

Glutathione and Triotein

Glutathione can only be produced by our bodies when the proper amino acids are present. Triotein delivers the three essential amino acids necessary for glutathione production. A simple and very high-quality whey protein, Triotein is the best on the market for delivering to your bodies what it needs to remain healthy.*

As you will hear Dr. Bender talk about, in order to remain healthy we need to have an active glutathione rate of 70% or more. In order to achieve this, we need to supply our bodies with the right amino acids to produce glutathione. As mentioned, enter in Triotein. An all-natural whey protein that gives our bodies the three essential amino acids it needs to produce glutathione.

Watch the video below to learn more about glutathione and Triotein.

Learn More About Glutathione and Triotein

Understanding the power of glutathione is essential to promoting a healthy lifestyle. Couple this with the simplicity in which to keep your glutathione levels high, the question becomes “Why would you not keep your glutathione levels as high as possible?”

Simply using Triotein can achieve what Dr. Bender refers to as a safe level of glutathione.* Keep your active glutathione levels around the 90% range to maintain your best chances of living out your healthy lifestyle.

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